Film Review: DREAMING PURPLE NEON (2016)

Film Review: DREAMING PURPLE NEON (2016)

Apr 2, 2018

Director: Todd Sheets

Stars: Jeremy EdwardsEli DeGeer, Millie Milan

Todd Sheets is an underground horror and gore film legend. He goes back more than twenty years and forty films. His Zombie Bloodbath Trilogy is one of the most re-watched set of obscurities I have in my collection.

It would be of no surprise to any readers of this site, that upon hearing this director’s name attached to Unearthed Films I was pretty pumped. I wasn’t pumped enough to buy it right when it came out; but, I’m glad to say that it wouldn’t have been a waste of a pre-order. In fact, I’m a little disappointed in myself for taking so long to buy this film.

This movie is about drugs and demons. It deals with a large group of characters, for an indie film, that must rely on one another to survive a demonic takeover of epic proportions. I loved the look of the ghastly villains. If you are a fan of practical effects, you surely will too. The costumes were reminiscent of horror classics like Demons or The Unnamable. The story of intersecting characters whose lives come together for an epic bloodbath reminded me films like those in the Night of the Demons franchise. Of course, with all of that being said, there is still enough originality for this to avoid being known as a complete homage film.

This move takes influence from the classics while blending the perfect amount of modern day horror and comedy. The performances are exactly as over-the-top as they need to be, creating a comedic tongue-n-cheek tone that doesn’t become irritating. The story is also pretty big compared to your normal indie horror/comedy. It is 109 minutes long, which is a dangerous length for low-budget films. Luckily enough, the performances don’t drain the viewer’s patience. There is also enough bloodshed to hold the attention of even the most gore starved viewers.

As someone who has covered most of the Unearthed Films releases for this site, I can easily say that this is one of the stronger releases. It makes up for its lack of special features in bloodshed. I think this is gong to become a splatter classic, and not just one of the better showings from Unearthed. It is a true testament to the steadily growing skills of a director and a label.