Film Review: EAT LOCAL (2017)

Film Review: EAT LOCAL (2017)

Jun 5, 2017

After the TWILIGHT movies vampires pretty much became a cinematic joke, angsty, sparkly romantic heroes. Granted they’d been heading down that path since the pretty boy bloodsuckers of THE LOST BOYS or even the John Badham/Frank Langella DRACULA. But however sensitive and romantic they were, they still had their fangs and were willing to use them. Thankfully though this genre staple has been making a bit f a comeback lately, and while not a masterpiece, Jason Flemyng’s EAT LOCAL, (the print I saw actually had the title EAT LOCALS), is a big step in the right direction.

Sebastian (Billy Cook THE HOOLIGAN FACTORY) thinks he’s about to score with cougar Vanessa (Eve Myles DR. WHO, TORCHWOOD). However she’s a lot older than he thinks and what she’s planning on sucking isn’t what he thinks either. When her plans to have him fill a vacancy in the vampire’s council falls through he finds himself fighting for his life. Something that is complicated by a squad of SAS vampire hunters waiting to take out the assembled council.  It’s gonna be one hell of a night for all concerned.

The vampires here are old school undead, with no problem shedding blood. The film opens with them killing one of their own for breaking council rules and killing young children. Not out of any concern for young lives, but because it might draw unwanted attention to them. When council politics causes them to reject Sebastian, Vanessa has no problems with the idea of killing him so he can’t talk. Led by Henry (Charlie Cox DAREDEVIL) they are anything but cultured and romantic. The sight of a famished Angel (Freema Agyeman SENSE8) tearing into the throat of an already dead soldier dispels any notion of that.

This is Flemyng’s first film as director though he has well over one hundred credits as an actor including DEEP RISING, season four of PRIMEVAL and SOLOMON KANE. He obviously paid attention on set as he delivers a solid film here. The script by Danny King never takes itself too seriously mixing some dark humor in with the action and scares. And while there is a fair amount of DOG SOLDIERS feel to the military vs vampire scenes EAT LOCAL carves out it’s own identity with it’s subplots and twisted humor.

EAT LOCAL has played some festivals and is currently seeking release in most of the world. It’s worth seeing if you get the chance.