Film Review: FUTURE (2017)

Film Review: FUTURE (2017)

Mar 17, 2018

Future (2017) is a thought provoking indie gem that creatively explores the human condition, depression and living your best life. A worthy winner at the Genre Blast Film Festival 2017 Film Festival. Directors Rob Cousineau and Chris Rosik bring us a unique tale of a man given the opportunity to change his life for the better, in exchange he must kill another person.

Doug is an every man trudging though a pretty bleak existence until he is abducted by a time traveler in the night. The mysterious man accompanied by two guards tells him he can alter a pivotal point in Doug’s life that will change everything for the better if he kills a choice person in four days. He agrees, spends the next four days with the time traveler reflecting on his life and deciding to live outside his comfort zone.

Joshua P. Cousineau (Doug) and Phreddy Wischusen (The Time Travler) play off each other beautifully. Joshua Cousineau does an excellent job playing the reluctant Doug, while touching on some troubling topics like depression and suicide without alienating the audience. Phreddy Wischusen is the heart of the story and is just a lot of fun to watch. Conor Sweeney (Manborg) plays Kyle, an old drug dealer friend of Doug’s who helps him live it up. Though being a film about time travel the story focuses on our protagonist’s journey of putting aside his insecurities to take chances and even fulfilling a life long dream of his. However, this newly discovered appreciation for life makes him dread his decision to change everything. Future raises some great questions about living your best life, that one decision can effect everything, and how fear can keep us from happiness.

Overall Future is an intelligent film that will leave you wondering. A must see that I will be eagerly waiting for to hit DVD.