Film Review: GET MY GUN (2017)

Film Review: GET MY GUN (2017)

Oct 18, 2017

Making it’s world premiere at this year’s Brooklyn Horror Film Festival Brian Darwas’s first feature film GET MY GUN (2017) is a tense indie thriller that twists a couple of familiar plots into a grimly entertaining film.

Amanda (Kate Hoffman) is struggling to get by as a housekeeper at a local motel. But after going into the wrong room she is raped and left unemployed and pregnant. But it can still get worse, she’s stalked by somebody determined to get her unborn child. She has revenge on her mind, but she’ll have to live long enough to get it.

Mixing elements of MS .45, I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE and INSIDE, Darwas and co-scriptwriter Jennifer Carchietta come up with a film that has a retro feel while maintaining it’s own identity. It’s true to the spirit of these films without being a rip off of any of them. Taking it’s time and letting us get to know Amanda so we feel for her during her ordeal and cheer for her when she strikes back. Hoffman does a wonderful job of making us feel for her as she tries to cope with a life that’s been thoroughly shattered. And that’s a very good thing because GET MY GUN rests on her and the script. While there’s blood and killings it doesn’t go to the extremes many films in this sub-genre do, so there isn’t the shock factor to cover for weak moments plot wise. Thankfully they’re not needed, everyone brought their A game.

Obviously shot on a shoestring budget GET MY GUN does have a few points where a bigger cast or better effects might have helped, but overall it’s leanness is an asset, keeping it on point and not getting lost in subplots and extraneous characters. And with two competing story lines over complicating things and losing focus was a real threat. But the script thankfully stays on point and delivers a brisk, suspenseful tale. There is one point near the end that seemed a bit unbelievable, I won’t drop a spoiler but you’ll know it when it happens. Apart from that though the films stays within the realm of plausibility, making it much more effective.

GET MY GUN is a promising feature debut for Darwas and Carchietta after collaborating on several shorts. It also bodes well for Hoffman, although the fact she actually looks like a real woman, not an actress playing one may be problem rather than the asset is is here.