Film Review: GHOST OF CAMP BLOOD (2018)

Film Review: GHOST OF CAMP BLOOD (2018)

Mar 19, 2018


The Camp Blood films are proof that a franchise doesn’t need a high profile to be successful on some level. The original 1999 film by Brad Sykes and the first sequel got some notice, but the third, somewhat unofficial film WITHIN THE WOODS went mostly unnoticed. Then in 2014 Mark Polonia, the surviving member of the Polonia Brothers filmmaking team resurrected the series and now we’re on the eighth installment, GHOST OF CAMP BLOOD.

While the previous films, or at least the ones I’ve seen, concern a Jason wannabe in a clown mask hacking people up at a summer camp. GHOST OF CAMP BLOOD, however, takes the films in a paranormal direction focusing on the mask itself and it’s ability to possess people. The body-hopping angle makes this the Camp Blood equivalent of JASON GOES TO HELL. Only with no redeeming factors except some shower footage that keeps turning up through the film.

The plot such as it is involves a paranormal investigator Randy Bucks (Steve Diasparra JURASSIC PREY, AMITYVILLE EXORCISM) with a failing show who’s promised a reprieve if he delivers a killer show on Camp Blood. Teaming up with a crew of local investigators he gets his hands on the mask. Which leads to a not so shocking small-scale killing spree in the tv studio.

Mark Polonia (BIGFOOT VS ZOMBIES) just keeps cranking these things out and they get released so they must be making money though I can’t imagine how. The movies he made with his late brother John often had a goofy charm that made up for their shortcomings. His solo output, however, is mostly just dull. Here there’s a lot of talk and some bargain basement effects wrapped around a hard to make sense of plot. The cast is full of faces that will be familiar from other, often better, low and microbudget films including Elissa Dowling (WE ARE STILL HERE, BONEJANGLES) But they’re given little to do here.

GHOST OF CAMP BLOOD is a mess that doesn’t even try to be a good film. The scene where they find the original Camp Blood sign not deep in the woods but literally in a suburban backyard with houses and busy road in plain view sums it all up.

GHOST OF CAMP BLOOD is available on Vimeo but I can’t imagine anyone wanting to pay for it, or even watch it for free for that matter.