Film Review: GOOD MORNING CARLOS (2016)

Film Review: GOOD MORNING CARLOS (2016)

Jun 13, 2016

Since I’m not familiar with Brazilian horror at all, when I saw posts on social media about Gurcius Gewdner’sGood Morning Carlos“, I was very intrigued. Filmmakers from every crevice of the underground in the world create their own unique style, Gurcius Gewdner shows a style I have never seen before. I went into Good Morning Carlos completely blind, something I’m usually timid of. Good Morning Carlos is, for lack of a better words, good ole’ nasty fun.  It was interesting to say the least. Despite a 15-minute runtime, it was really packed full with material. Even though it was very repetitive, and, in parts annoying, it kept my attention the entire way through.


Good Morning Carlos centers around our protagonist Carlos (Marcel Mars), with a very apparent medical problem, wandering the streets of Brazil. Carlos is ill, and not afraid to let the world know it. Vomiting various substances, yelling, lunacy, and other pleasantries are voided from Carlos throughout the short. Good Morning Carlos does NOT shy away from showing how truly disgusting Carlos is.

From what I have just described, it doesn’t sound like something that would be that appealing. However, I honestly thought it was great. This film was obviously not made to be taken seriously. It was short, sweet, and fun. It’s definitely not the best short in the world, but it was truly an enjoyable experience. It’s clear when you watch Good Morning Carlos that a lot of passion put into this project. The camera work was surprisingly well orchestrated and good quality. I also picked up on a lot of homage’s to many classic horror directors like Lucio Fulci.  Anyone who is familiar with my other reviews knows how much I appreciate unique cinema. There’s something about Good Moring Carlos that stood out to me, it really caught me off guard. It was a well-made, gnarly, gross-out, comedic film that I think a lot of people will enjoy. Don’t walk into this film expecting something more than just a small, fun movie to kick back and enjoy with some friends and a few drinks. I have a feeling that Good Morning Carlos is just a foretaste of what interesting films lie ahead of Gurcius Gewdner’s film career.