Film Review: FOR A GOOD TIME CALL… (2017)

Film Review: FOR A GOOD TIME CALL… (2017)

Aug 19, 2017

Izzy Lee is a very busy woman, between writing for publications like Rue Morgue and Screen Anarchy, writing short stories and programming film festivals she also directs short films. Having previously seen her film INNSMOUTH I was happy to see her latest FOR A GOOD TIME CALL… screening at Fantasia 2017.

Much more reality based than her previous Lovecraftian effort FOR A GOOD TIME CALL… is rooted in real issues. Alex (Sean Carmichael, LAZARUS RISING) secretly records himself having sex with Alice (Diana Porter, INNSMOUTH). She’s understandably pissed when she finds out that not only did he tape it, he uploaded it to a website and wishes horrible things on him. His response is to smoke weed and pass out in a rest area, Waking up in time to see a woman (Tristan Risk, SAVE YOURSELF) walking into the building he follows only to find himself trapped.

Aided by a very effective soundtrack, this is a horrific morality tale in the EC Comics tradition with a nasty character meeting an even nastier fate. That it does it while pointing up a current issue that a lot of people would rather see swept under the rug is a major plus. FOR A GOOD TIME CALL… is 12 minutes of creepiness, with a message. Catch it if it comes your way,