Film Review: GOROTICA (1993)

Film Review: GOROTICA (1993)

Sep 22, 2018

IMDb: Gorotica (1993)
Director: Hugh Gallagher
Stars: Ghetty Chasun, Dingo Jones, Bushrude Gutterman

So…that just happened. If you are going to get this film, you will find yourself repeating this statement for the entire sixty minute running time…if you can make it that far. Now, I don’t know why you won’t make it that far; I just know that the horror lightweight or old school hater will have a ton of trouble getting through this one hour film.

Personally, I loved it. This film is a shot-on-video shock fest from 1993. Probably attempting to capitalize on the underground obsession with necrophilia that Nekromantik started, this film has a staggering number of disgusting moments. It opens with an absurdly long scene of masturbation, while flashes of corpses and brutal violence splash across the screen. At the moment when you think the masturbation should be ending, the lead actress grabs a skull from under her bed and keeps going. This uncomfortably long scene, is actually pretty hilarious when you think about the pacing of a one hour movie. It feels like the filmmaker was trying to stretch this film from the opening scene.

When the sub plot begins, you are introduced to a cheaply shot diamond heist and hilarious plot that involves the swallowing of a diamond. The criminals are terrible actors and the gunfight looks like something I probably shot with my friends for a high school film project in the nineties. So why do I love it? Why the hell not? This film embodies the independent film spirit and really gives you a sign of the times. Of course the production value will be lacking. At this time, this is how indie films had to be shot. Today, you can shoot a high definition film on your phone. My appreciation for film technology and love for cinematic history is greatly enhanced when I watch films like this.

I also develop a great appreciation for practical effects. Films like this show me how far we’ve come, but also examples of the filmmakers that paved the way for our modern effects masters. This movie actually has a few really good scenes of brutal gore. Of course, when they mix in the sexual content, it becomes an incredibly disturbing precursor to the extreme films of modern day. So while this film definitely lacks production value due to old school technology and resources, it was totally bad ass back in the day. It is also still shocking when compared to modern day films. If you are a fan of the current underground, this film would remind you of something like Her Name Was Torment. If you are a fan of SOV classics, it will remind you of something like Death Nurse.

In the end, at this price point, I see it as a pretty sure purchase for most horror collectors. It is very cheap on Amazon and can also be purchased directly from SRS. It will appeal to so many collectors, that the reader of this site will probably find a love for some aspect of it. Whether it is the gore effects, sleazy sex, cheesy plot, or brutal violence, this film surely has little bit of something for everyone.