Film Review: Hi 8 Ressurectio (2017)

Film Review: Hi 8 Ressurectio (2017)

Oct 24, 2017

Hi 8 Ressurectio is a crazy-ass German film from first time writer/director Stefan Sierecki. It is a gory gem that you will be able to get from Black Lava Entertainment. Like Unearthed Films, over here in the US, this label seems to be getting stronger with every release.

Tracking the history of releases from this company has been an interesting journey for this indie horror fan. I don’t own as many of their releases as other labels, but I’m a fan of quite a few. It is Black Lava’s dedication to filmmakers like Marian Dora, Brian Paulin, and Kasper Juhl that keeps this me returning to their website on a consistent basis. There have been a few weak spots in their catalog; however, this is a fact of life for all distribution labels. This is mostly due to the fact that they have to appeal to many different genre collectors in the day and age of dying physical media.

As far as this new release goes, I can definitely put it in my top ten Black Lava releases. It pulls me in a few different directions, but definitely has enough staying power to guarantee return viewings. From my analytical side, I’m not sure if this is scathing satire of independent filmmaking or a PSA about internet marketing. From my straight up horror side, I’m not sure if it’s just another exploitative gore fest from overseas or a stereotypical torture film. With all of that being said, I’m not sure that I really care either. It is a nasty and convincing gallery of gore that will appeal to the collector of any of the previously mentioned niche genres.

In the end, it isn’t incredibly original, but still manages to be memorable. This is a film that centers around archetypal horror film characters. It deals with a starving artist storyline, that quickly becomes one of torture and horror. Films like this almost always come down to the quality of the gore effects, or originality of the kills, or some sort of huge stylistic device that sets it apart from others in the genre. This is why films like Bag Boy Lover Boy, The Neon Demon, and Christopharo’s POE films stand out for me. When it comes to Hi 8, it has darkly comedic moments and wild gore effects that put it in up there with POE and Bag Boy for me. I was pretty impressed by the build up of brutality that this film had to offer. I was also pleasantly surprised by the production value of a film made by a first time filmmaker.