Film Review: HONKY HOLOCAUST (2014)

Film Review: HONKY HOLOCAUST (2014)

Feb 18, 2017

With a title like HONKY HOLOCAUST, it should be obvious from the start this is a movie intending to shock and offend. The fact it’s released by Troma should be confirmation of it. Can writer/director Paul M McAlarney (THE UNGOVERNABLE FORCE) deliver the goods and not just another lame collection of “shocking” scenes wrapped around a weak script? And, could it possibly have a serious message buried under all the rape, gore and nudity?

Set in an alternate world where Charlie Manson actually managed to set off a race war, which he and his followers avoided by retreating to an underground bunker. Charlie dies of some nasty disease, but not before fathering a daughter Kendra (Maria Natapov EREBUS) and appointing Dan Masucci (Lucas Fleming) as his successor. After seeing a vision of Charlie in a dream, Dan leads The Family out of the bunker and back into the world. It doesn’t take long till they stumble upon the scene of a mass lynching of white folk. This is quickly followed by a bloody fight that finds Kendra separated from the others and alone in a very strange and hostile new world where the roles of the races have flipped. Can she stay alive long enough to prevent Dan from killing the mayor, the only hope for racial harmony?

Taken on an exploitation level HONKY HOLOCAUST does deliver. There is plenty of gore, mostly of the typical over the top style you’d expect from a Troma release. There are a few scenes though, like one of a maggot infested vagina that are still shocking, but for the most part the effects are more TOXIC AVENGER than ATROZ. There’s also plenty of flesh to go with the blood, including a long sex scene between Kendra and Lucius (Constantine Taylor HELLFIRE), the black man who saves and befriends her.

The script holds up well and manages to be considerably more funny than offensive. Given the subject matter it would have been all to easy to end up with a nasty mess that was offensive in all the wrong ways. However the film’s great use of humor that ranges from the voice over narration at the beginning to some great satire on stereotypes helps. It also helps that everyone in this film has issues, nobody is spared from mockery, and both races come off equally fucked up. HONKY HOLOCAUST’s message is that racism is bullshit because we’re all special even if it is in a short bus, special ed kind of way.

Plenty of sleazy fun, though not for the weak of stomach or easily offended, HONKY HOLOCAUST is available on disc or streaming from Troma Now.