Film Review: A HOUSE IS NOT A HOME (2015)

Film Review: A HOUSE IS NOT A HOME (2015)

Oct 15, 2016

IMDb: A House Is Not a Home (2015)
Director: Christopher Ray
Stars: Gerald Webb, Bill Cobbs, Richard Grieco

One of my most recent submissions from MVD comes from the director of all of your favorite shark horror. Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus, 2-Headed Shark Attack, Shark Week, Mega Shark vs Kolossus, and 3-Headed Shark Attack is just the beginning of Christopher Ray’s assault on the dumber part of your brain.

As a director, he has covered many SyFy creature features. As a producer he has given us about twenty other cheesy films like Titanic 2. Many people can rip on these bad movies, but I’d take this guys job over mine any day. So if you aren’t asking yourself how his movies get made, you may be asking yourself how the hell you can get his job. I can’t answer that question; but with a little research, you can see that he does have cheesy horror in his blood. You see, he also directs under the name Christopher Douglas-Olen Ray. So now we can see that being the son of even a notorious and goofy director (Fred Olen-Ray) can at least get you into the business. Once again, I’d rather make 4-Headed Shark Attack than go to my job any day of the week. Sadly, however, I couldn’t even be lucky enough to have a family member in low-budget film industry.

While I can tell you that the director’s background is more interesting than the film in question, A House is Not a Home may be one of his better films. It is different from the films I have previously mentioned. This is, of course, because it is not meant to be a comedic creature feature. This film employs recognizable actors like Bill Cobbs, Aurora Perrineau, Eddie Steeples, Gerald Webb, and Richard Grieco. It also has some budget and style behind it. As a film that claims to be Amityville meets The Exorcist, I am happy to say that I can actually see the comparison. It is an above average example of the numerous modern horror films that try to copy both of the previously mentioned classics.

It is also fairly mature as far as plot goes. There is a sub plot that creates some extra underlying drama. There is a fairly suspenseful climax, and intriguing mystery story as well. So while I wouldn’t spend a lot of money to add it to my collection, I would definitely tell people to go ahead and check it out. I wouldn’t rush out to buy it because I am not in love with the genre, not because it is a bad film. So with that being said, it will probably stream for free and be available as a cheap Redbox viewing. Out of most of the films coming from those mediums, I would put it in the top twenty five percent. It may not become a high priced collectible; but, it should at least be a VOD title that gets a fair amount of play.