Film Review: IMAGES (1972)

Film Review: IMAGES (1972)

Jun 14, 2018

Images is a 1972 film from writer/director/producer Robert Altman. This film stars Susannah York, Rene Auberjonois, and Cathryn Harrison. It is being released under the Arrow Academy label, which caters to important films outside of the cult realm, which was popularized by the Arrow Video label.

This film centers around a woman who is trapped within the confines of her home and her mind. While staying in an isolated cabin with her husband, and attempting to write a book, she slowly descends into insanity. This film was ahead of its time in its portrayal of mental illness. It also managed to make some pretty stunning commentary in regard to art and the pressures around its creation.

I really enjoyed this film. It has a great musical score from John Williams. It also has a surprising amount of beautiful landscape photography. As far as the interior work and direction goes, the film becomes more and more claustrophobic as the woman comes into contact with new characters. The obscure plot structure, strange transitions, and interesting blocking techniques also enhance surreal nature of the film, making it impossible to tell what is real and what is going on in her schizophrenic mind.

This film doesn’t have many cons. It is well-paced and well-acted by the female lead. She steals the screen from the weaker male performances in the film.

This is great collection piece for fans of Polanski’s Repulsion. Its Hitchcock-ian tone and DePalma-esque style will appeal to those types of collectors as well.