Film Review: KILLER RACK (2015)

Film Review: KILLER RACK (2015)

Apr 28, 2017

Betty (Jessica Zwolak) is a woman suffering from self esteem issues. Surround by big breasted woman, her modest bust size keeps her from the recognition she works hard for. Tired of being ignored and ashamed, she seeks out plastic surgery from the help of Dr. Thulu (an obvious nod to Lovecraft despite the misspelling – it should have been Dr. Thulhu), played by the legendary Debbie Rochon, at the Miska-hotness University, completely unaware of Dr. Thulu’s intentions to take over the world in a plot that involves Lovecraft’s Elder Gods and finding the perfect host for her killer breasts.

Clearly played completely tongue in cheek, the film is far less debasing than it sounds. There is no pro-feminist message, although they do poke fun at this, the film simply exists for the sake of humor and even though things get out of hand at times, the jokes are never mean spirited. Greg Lamberson’s Killer Rack is hilarious. Yes, there are tons of puns centering around breasts, but the humor is much more than that in the script from Paul McGinnis. Fans of Ron Bonk and Lloyd Kaufman, who just so happens to make an appearance, will feel right at home with this film. References to Lovecraft’s mythos as well as Batman, Grease, Big Lebowski and more are a plenty. There is also a musical number and moments that are borderline in spoof territory.

Killer Rack is a micro budget horror film complete with canned voices, stilted dialogue delivery, and clichés everywhere, so I don’t think this will be a film for people outside the independent market, however the average horror comedy film goer should kick themselves in the ass if they miss out on this one. The effects are almost entirely practical, which are fantastic.

My only major gripe with the film is the overall length. At 94 minutes, there is about 15 to 20 minutes that could have been cut in order to make a leaner, snappier film. There are several scenes that drag a little too long, especially ones that are lacking in jokes. A few cuts and omissions here and there have the potential to rocket this film into cult status. That is not to discredit the actual release, this film is brilliant and easily stacks among some of the other low budget comedy horror films like Call Girl of Cthulhu and She Kills.

Fans of SRS Cinema and Troma will love this film. Placing comedy in front of horror, the humor works extremely well and keeps the film from being just another surface level Lovecraft inspired film. Some great performances and surprise cameos combined with some unique and surprising moments makes this one hell of surprise film to keep your eye out for.