Film Review: KILLER WORKOUT [aka Aerobicide] (1987)

Film Review: KILLER WORKOUT [aka Aerobicide] (1987)

Dec 31, 2015

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Slasher//Video is partnered with Olive Films, and it’s dedicated to bringing you some of the best examples of old school horror. Among their amazing and obscure titles are Killer Workout aka Aerobicide, Shock ‘Em Dead, Death Nurse 1 and 2, and Cemetery Sisters. As a collector, it is essential that I find companies like this. So far, I am very happy with this distributor. I am impressed with them, because they focus on films that are hard to find examples of the horribly awesome age of low-budget VHS horror.

This company has already released more than ten films that you may recognize from your nostalgic daydreams; you know, the ones where you are wandering through your childhood video store. Slasher has given almost all of these films a standard definition release as well as Blu-ray. Personally, I am becoming a fan of the standard definition versions of these films. These are the types of films that should really be enjoyed in all of the grainy goodness that is VHS; so, I feel like spending the extra money on the Blu-ray versions actually cheapens my viewing experience. If I could find them, after all, I would be owning these on VHS anyway. So, the next best thing for me is standard definition DVD. There are Blu-ray fanatics out there though. While I haven’t seen every film in this lineup, I at least know that Killer Workout will be worth the purchase for the DVD or Blu-ray collector. At this point, it is my favorite release from this company.


Killer Workout was originally released as Aerobicide. During the eighties there was an explosion in the popularity of aerobics studios, and the horror film industry wasn’t far behind this cultural craze. Death Spa is another classic example of this type of film. These films pride themselves on over-sexed depictions of the workout process. They, of course, quickly follow up these scenes with brutal deaths. This film is an excellent example of  these hilarious and absurdly long workout scenes, probably given to the viewer that may be watching the film for a purpose other than horror. It also has hilarious acting, straight out of the soap operas that were also so popular back then. These plot points are, of course, followed up with low-budget gore effects and insanely unrealistic fight choreography.

As a slasher film, this one has a couple very nice kill scenes. They’re kinda funny, original for their time, and gory enough for the horror fiend in the audience. The climactic reveal of the real killer will also leave you with an image imprinted on your brain that you just can’t unsee. So if you are a fan of cheesy eighties horror, you need to buy this film. The standard definition DVD is around eight bucks, and for a few dollars more (#moviereference) the Blu-ray collector can have a great time too. I recommend it for fans of the slasher, old school gore effects, and horror comedies. For the collector, it is also coming to you at an undeniably affordable price.