Film Review: LIN! FOREST OF HATRED (2016)

Film Review: LIN! FOREST OF HATRED (2016)

Mar 5, 2018

Lin! Forest of Hatred is the story of a drunken man who tries to escape his recent past within the embraces of alcohol and solitude in his secluded log cabin. However, the past won’t let go, and as his desperation grows, the forest slowly turns into a nightmare of hatred, suffering and pain.

Troceleng Studios created this 26 minute animated horror short.

Lin! Forest of Hatred serves up some old school animation. For me whilst some of the illustrations seemed immature or crude other parts of the imagery were reminiscent of those from a Maurice Sendak book.

It starts off with a beautiful gentle score, the sound of simple guitar strumming as we venture on a road trip to a peaceful secluded cabin. The peaceful setting switches vaguely from images of the travel to that of bloody savage eating. We see a rather rigidly moving character on screen. Familiar scenes are reused. The road, the car travelling to cabin.

The colours change to signify day passing into night and back again. As music plays softly. Same scenario again. Still pretty , the drawings simplistic but stylish. We see bottles on a bar. They begin mounting. Increasing, due to excessive drinking, guzzling, bottle rolling as the music’s tempo gets quicker. Tommy, our main character, is lying on floor in ruin.

He revisits wedding pics. His honeymoon and feeling once loved.

Tragic feeling of loneliness.

The images begin to go grainy and switch back to him on ground amongst vomit.

He’s anguished, pacing, lighting up photo book. Complaining he cannot burn it. Finds a way and burns it . Flames lick his face as he disappears into darkness.

He is enveloped in nightmarish images and we see him struggle to grasp what is real and what us his vivid memories of awful times in the past.

Again he hides amongst his drinking, watching a strange Samurai film. He reaches out for help and calls a friend who isn’t alert at all that he’s struggling. Leaves to get gas from boatshed and is confronted by an evil female presence. She is his ex, but yet something else. She’s evil, like a demon. And they somewhat battle, until his friend Matt arrives (the one he’d called earlier , with a daughter). Finding the burnt pictures, investigates the cabin and its surrounds and finds Tommy. His own demise readily decided by his decision to even visit the cabin.

The voice talent in this short include Jakob Dillon as Tommy, our drunken anti hero we ultimately feel for amongst his depravity. Silent Jo played Lin (the wonderfully evil female presence that haunts Tommy). We meet Tyler Armstrong as Matt , Tommy’s well meaning easy going friend. And lastly we see Skini Mini as Ruby , Matt’s sweetly voiced little daughter.

The samurai movie within Lin! Forest of Hatred was written and performed by Louis Badalament.

For me some of the images created were beautiful and perfectly offset by the musical selections by Terry Wood, but oddly some pieces played which sounded like an organ made me reminiscent for the old Golden Axe video games.

The sound effects were provided by and made for an easy listening experience.

Lin! Forest of Hatred was directed, written , produced, edited, story boarded and animated by Dataman , who has also created two more shorts called Dusten Choke and Swordsmen After Art.