Mar 9, 2018

Lin! Forest of Hatred is an animated short film that we reviewed on this site a a couple weeks ago. After watching the short film, I couldn’t wait to see more from the man behind the animation. Upon meeting the comic book artist, writer, director, and film animator, I was quickly given access to his follow up film Dusten Choke.

The man behind these films is Joona Kopperoinen. He lives in Finland, and is currently working on numerous projects in order to make a name for himself in the film world. When I talked to him about Lin! Forest of Hatred, I mentioned the unsettling juxtaposition created by the film’s animation style. I told him that, “I liked the older look of the animation. I like how it looked like a kid drew it, but dealt with very dark/adult content.” His response was that, “The idea was to be expressionistic. The delivery is more important than the story”.

I really liked this explanation. Throughout the short film, I found myself intrigued by the look more than the story. I think many viewers will find that it isn’t the most original plot, but still manages to impress, in turn, making it a memorable piece of horror art.

Another aspect that I found intriguing was the director’s choice to avoid an, “over-reliance on gore”. I felt like this made the film less exploitative and more artistic. He responded by explaining that very idea. He avoided excessive gore, to focus the viewer’s attention on the protagonists isolation.

His follow-up film, Dusten Choke, was another impressive piece of animated horror. It takes another step towards the extreme genre, while still managing to maintain a balance between shock value and true horror. This story, like the first film, also focuses on an intrinsic journey of sorts. The main character takes us on a journey of self-discovery that leads to plenty of surprises, horror and gore. It is a nihilistic and apocalyptic vision that enhanced by the strange and simplistic animation. You can find trailers and more in the following links.

Troceleng Studios YouTube Channel

Faceboook Page

In the end, I really hope to see more from this artist. While I do love the insane animated splatter-work of Jimmy Screamerclauz, the subtle horror that Kopperoinen has to offer is refreshing to see in the horror world. I highly recommend this to fans of any sort of animation. I think independent film should be supported in many mediums, and I am one that loves to see animated work. So if you want a nice balance of disturbing gore and haunting imagery, give his stuff a chance. You can do that by checking out the store below.


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