Film Review: MY LITTLE MIRACLE (2017)

Film Review: MY LITTLE MIRACLE (2017)

Sep 18, 2017

Clocking in at a quick eight minutes MY LITTLE MIRACLE, the latest short from George James Fraser (HAPPENSTANCE) is a charmingly grim bedtime story that manages to be darkly funny and cringe inducingly disturbing.

A young mother (Charmaine Jossick) answers her daughter’s question “Where did I come from” as a bedtime story. As we hear her sweet tale, we see what really happened and the disconnect between the two adds some very black humor to effectively grim visuals that may put you in mind of INSIDE, or possibly THE GRIM REAPER.

Shot in Methuen MA, (I thought I recognized the train station) for $100, MY LITTLE MIRACLE is well done with just a little rough audio giving away the lack of budget. I was lucky enough to see it after a mutual friend suggested letting me review it, hopefully it will turn up somewhere more people can see it. The director’s work will be available to a wider audience in the forthcoming anthology GRINDHOUSE 3: VIDEO NASTY which will include his segment “BLOOD SEX AND OTHER THINGS