Film Review: LOCK THE DOORS (2016)

Film Review: LOCK THE DOORS (2016)

Sep 14, 2016

Black Lava Films, Rotten Cat Media, and Dark Corridor Entertainment are about to throw some pretty insane stuff at you. The upcoming film, Lock the Doors, will be sure to light the horror fire for fans of numerous genres.


For me, this may be the movie that restores my faith in the splatter genre. While it is shot at much higher quality than your favorite old school shot-on-video (SOV) gore films, it definitely gives me the feeling I get when I watch Violent Shit. Sure, the glorious grain of the VHS era is not visible in the HD and Digital world; but, this movie just uses those effects that the low-budget splatter fan has been waiting for.

The Necrostorm Films have done a great job of sending some gore over to the U.S.. They seem to have a much higher budget, however, actually cheapening the feel for the fans of films like Gore Whore. Therefore, Lock The Doors may be the one that the old school fans have been waiting to see for awhile now. I, for one, have received some fairly current splatter, and only found myself unimpressed to say the least.

This film has gloriously bloody dismemberments, with just the right amount of over-the-top gore antics. While there was a definite language barrier, I understood exactly what this film was trying to accomplish. I thought it did an excellent job of using the slasher and splatter genres to create a film that was funny and disgusting. It had moments where it seemed to be paying homage to the Scream films, while simultaneously paying tribute to its genre successors.

I thought the girls were great in the film. I loved the menacing killer and even the style used. Yes, there was actually some camerawork in this film. Amongst these awesome filmmaking qualities, I am truly appreciative of the fact that these filmmakers speak my language. They don’t literally speak my language, but they made a movie for a specific set of fans. Fans that speak a universal language. One of dark and nihilistic tendencies. A language of love for the morbid and disgusting. If you are one of these people, you can find any of these companies on Facebook. The most important genre collectors, of course, are those that are into any of the films, genres, or companies mentioned in this review.

From the Filmmakers:

Cast & Crew

Sabine Wedde                                                          Anna
Janette Pissang                                                       Nina
Sandra Prauß                                                           Mrs. Kempl
Florian Glöckler                                                       John Kempl
David Grzibek                                                          Antonio
Marcel Richter                                                         Steven
Dirk Thümer                                                            John Friebel
Stefan Pschmann                                                    Maik F.
Music by Frank Richter (Ero Judge) and Mr. Cräbs

Mr. Cräbs is a 90ies Crossover, Rapcore, Alternative Metalband from Dresden, Germany!!

Written, Directed, Shoot and Edited … Stefan Peschmann (Mr. Zito)


Dark Corridor Entertainment is a Underground Company from Germany:

About Dark Corridor Entertainment:

Our productions are a tribute to the classic bygone days which could especially score through their incredibly dense atmosphere . Inspired us the horror film of the 70s and 80s, so we are talking about an interesting story, atmospheric locations and quiet , long tracking shots… No CGI, no hectic cuts, no MTV aesthetics. „Back to the Roots basically! An important role will be, in well-dosed quantities and as a recognition, the POV ( Point of View ) -Shot be granted, produces a very intense ” in the middle” feeling and has always been, maintains an even deeper connection to the horror genre.