Film Review: LOVE SICK (2015)

Film Review: LOVE SICK (2015)

May 17, 2016

BRIAN WEAVER has proven himself to be one of the finest underground directors on the East Coast. LOVE SICK shows Weaver’s flexibility in the horror genre, a step out of his comfort zone.


This short film centers around an almost familiar face, an average older gentleman, the type of person you pass every day and don’t think twice about. What lies beneath the surface of this average face is an obsession, a perversion.

We follow our main character (played by Doug Barron), as he follows his prey. His words accompany us throughout the film, a peek inside his mind of the hunter. Circling around her, observing her, studying her. It’s almost as if the viewer is with him, which leaves a very eerie feeling.

The tension builds as his obsession grows deeper, darker, more depraved. Barron’s performance will go down as one of my favorite stalker roles I’ve ever seen. Not only was he convincing, but genuinely creepy, creepy in a way that most cannot pull off. This is the character that sticks with you after viewing, that you look over your shoulder for in the street.

The atmosphere of LOVE SICK was thick, heavy, building up slowly until the conclusion. On a technical aspect, everything was top notch. There was some great cinematography that captured the mood and intensity perfectly. Although I wasn’t a fan of the music, I didn’t feel over encumbered by it either, it flowed nicely and worked well with the short. I’d have to say LOVE SICK is probably one of the best underground shorts I’ve seen since A Perfect Child of Satan. This is definitely not something to miss out on, a truly haunting portrayal of obsession.

Love Sick Stars:  Doug Barron, Raine Brown, Brewster McCall, Haley Turner