Film Review: MAD MACBETH (2017)

Film Review: MAD MACBETH (2017)

Jan 1, 2018

Mad Macbeth is a new project from the European gore machine Domiziano Christopharo. As far as indie film directors go, this newcomer may be the most promising of the lot. He has consistently done nice work across numerous horror sub genres. He is also one of the newest filmmakers to hit the best indie horror label in the U.S., Unearthed Films.

Mad Macbeth is one of Christopharo’s most interesting projects to date. It is a strange direction, but intriguing nonetheless. It is a film that manages to merge horror, homage, and classic literature into a product that shows fans of cinematic madness something they will truly appreciate. I found this combination to be intriguing at first glance and very watchable throughout. The film places one of the most tragic figures in literature into a post-apocalyptic setting straight out of Mad Max. Now this is no pop culture Pride and Prejudice Zombies or Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter horror/history mash-up. It definitely has not been tainted by the big studio mentality. Instead it uses stark and desolate settings to preserve the Shakespearean stage aesthetic, while creating an intimate horror/action film for the indie film fan.

The great thing about this film is that you don’t need to be familiar with the source material either. Trust me, it helps to at least read a synopsis of the original play; if anything, this experience will help you appreciate the creation of the film a little bit more. I have read the play and love the ways this film puts an image to the antiquated Shakespearean dialogue. It even mixes linguistic stylings so you don’t get stuck with that weird feeling that some get from the Baz Luhrman version of Romeo and Juliet.

In the end, I feel like the film had a great visual style. The landscapes were vividly photographed and the night scenes used shadow and streaks of light with great precision. While the music and violence were a little more tame than one may expect from this director, I still think it was appropriate for this type of film. Trust me, the final  act of the film alone will give you your fair share of horror make-up effects.

So be sure to check out the film. It is currently being shopped around the festival circuit, with a strong base in Kosovo and Italy. We have reviewed many of his films on this site and promise to keep you updated on its future release.