Film Review: MICROWAVE MASSACRE (1983)

Film Review: MICROWAVE MASSACRE (1983)

Aug 16, 2016

We often see posts from horror fans about the top horror films that released the year of their birth. They usually involve well known films, since many people get their lists from IMDB. This means the highest rated films show up in your search. Now that people can publish their own lists, the diversity on the site is building. So if you look at 1983, you will see everything from Videodrome to Christine to A Blade in the Dark to Sleepaway Camp. Microwave Massacre, however, doesn’t appear on many of these lists. It is partially because it leans more towards comedy on the specctrum of horror/comedies. It is also a small movie, that is considered a hidden gem by some and a piece of crap by others.


ThisĀ film was directed by Wayne Berwick. It is a film that I still can’t quite figure out. It is a truly funny film with some hot boobs. It has some nice kills and standard low-budget gore effects. I enjoy the storyline that involves a man that can’t stand his wife’s cooking. When she receives a new microwave, the blatant foreshadowing begins. Their conversations do a great job to remove all surprises from the upcoming plot. The comedy, at times, however, does save the predictable plot. Sadly, this comedy that saves certain aspects can be really weak at other times. I found this to be the case with most of the major aspects of the film. It is an inconsistent film that doesn’t do a whole lot to save itself.

So when I’m looking at Arrow releases, I know there are places I can go for what this film is missing. Return of the Killer Tomatoes is a great release for comedy. Bride of Re-Animator is an absolutely amazing film for gore effects. So while the budget of this film obviously can’t hang with those, I feel like this one really doesn’t hide its weaknesses. There are plenty of slasher and gore films from the eighties that did much more on a small budget.

With all of that being said, this is still a movie that fans of screwball cheese-fests will appreciate. There are tons of nostalgic fans out there that will surely be willing to get this nicely cleaned up Blu-ray release. The conscientious collector, on the other hand, many want to save their money for a stronger Arrow Video release. They have great releases, so while this one falls in the middle for me, I’m sure it will be a great collector’s item for any collector of genres or certain labels.