Film Review: NEKRO FUCK MANIAC (2018)

Film Review: NEKRO FUCK MANIAC (2018)

Jul 26, 2018

Nekro Fuck Maniac is a wildly disturbing gore film from John Shaw of the United Kingdom. It was recently released by Canadian based D.I.Y Productions (Yan Kaos), limited to only thirty copies. Rumor has it that Daniel Koehnen and the Underground Gorellectors will also being doing a limited run this fall. I say this because the Canadian release has already sold out, and many people are still asking about it in underground gore groups.

So…yeah…this movie centers around the excruciatingly slow and methodical dismemberment and rape of a corpse. In the tradition of dead fucking films like Nekromantik, Gore Whore, Necrophile Passion, and Necromance this film manages to shock and disturb long after viewing. The practical effects work will remind you of Toetag’s work, and the photography is reminiscent of Phil Stevens’ work on Lung II. The rubber genitalia and skull fucking will remind you of Tantrum, Nutsack, and Slaughtered Vomit Dolls. 

I mention these in a long drawn out list to let you know what you’re getting yourself into…in case the title didn’t do enough to introduce you. I warn you that this is one of the craziest and most brutal underground films to come out in awhile. At times, of course, the rubber props are hilarious; however, just the thought of some of the actions put on film in this movie creates enough suspension of disbelief to really mess with the viewer’s head.

Coming in at just under an hour, this movie moves at a slow and calculated pace. It is pure brutal torture for the eyes and soul; which of course, if you are reading about it on this site, is probably exactly what you’re looking for. Aside from an ungodly amount of practical gore effects, it also utilizes a really great experimental/industrial sounding musical score…with one sweet metal song for good measure.

So if you want a film that will definitely make all of your friends afraid of you (as if they weren’t already), you need to get this one. It contains more depraved violence and disgusting sex than many of the sickest films out there. It is, however, only recommended for the sickest and most disturbed viewers of extreme cinema. So take that as a challenge and check this shit out.