Film Review: NEON MANIACS (1986)

Film Review: NEON MANIACS (1986)

Apr 3, 2018

Director: Joseph Mangine

Stars: Clyde HayesLeilani Sarelle, and Donna Locke

Do you remember the time when the twelve demon-ish/zombie-type killers that lived inside the Golden Gate Bridge killed all of those high school kids back in the eighties?

Me neither; but while you are arguing on the internet about the realistic nature of films like Star Wars: The Last Jedi, I will be here dabbling in the most far fetched and ridiculous cinematic obscurities ever made. So anyway, when you search for Neon Maniacs on IMDB, you will quickly discover a bunch of amazing guilty pleasure horror films from back in the day. Spookies, Dead Pit, and The Video Dead are just a few that IMDB and myself would suggest for people who can recognize the insane genius behind a film like Neon Maniacs.

I had previously seen all of the other films mentioned in this review. That is why I feel stupid admitting that this was my first viewing of Neon Demons. It took me way too long to see this damn movie and if you still haven’t, you must. It has been on my list to buy for awhile, but it has been plagued by price gouging eRapists. When I finally found it for a great deal in the Amazon Warehouse, I couldn’t wait to check it out. So if you’re on a budget, I’d say wait for a fair price; however, if you are looking for a great collector’s piece on which to splurge, this one may be the one for you.

The bottom line is that this is one is hard to look away from once it has begun. From the opening kill scene through the ridiculous climax, I was glued to the screen. I loved the kills almost as much as I loved the completely inappropriate musical score. I also loved the fact that it possessed all of the schlock and violence that the nostalgic horror fan in me could appreciate. think this film will do the same for many collectors as well. I think it has enough bloodshed for the serious horror fans and comedy for the fans of some cheese. I think it is a movie that collectors would love to add to their collection of awesomely bad films.