Film Review: P.O.E. 2 aka POE PROJECT OF EVIL (2012)

Film Review: P.O.E. 2 aka POE PROJECT OF EVIL (2012)

Sep 6, 2017

With the upcoming release of the fourth film in the POE series of anthology films, it is essential that we look back at the other films in one of the coolest anthology sets that you’ve probably never heard of.

For me, the whole Poe thing can be a little overdone at this point. I can take a look at them when I’m in the mood though. The same really goes with the whole anthology structure. So while I need to be in the right frame of mind to watch them, there are a few things that can help put me in that mood. The major thing is an interesting opening that consists of some brutal gore. I also like the anthology to come together with some sort of framing device and use other original storytelling techniques. Thanks to director and producer Domiziano Christopharo,¬†this anthology manages to make two bland genres interesting to watch again.¬†

The second POE project seems as if it is going to start out a little cliche. You have a guy in a white room. It’s dreamlike and mentally strenuous, which is what every white room scene does to any viewer. Luckily enough, the film manages to have some style and brutality early. They move on to the good stuff, leaving what originally looks like slow paced filler for the more brutal scenes of dismemberment. This, of course, helps someone like me keep the anthology concept fresh in my mind. As the episodes interact, you begin to realize that they all manage to stand alone and remain interlaced at the same time.

Every segment in this film has its own piece of legitimacy when it comes to originality. The limbless woman is reminiscent of the death and dismemberment in a couple of the Guinea Pig films (Japanese and American). The black and white segment has an arthouse quality that is up there with films like Lung and Bloodshock. It even transitions to splashes of color at the perfect time. The final segment is more sleazy and dark, but horrific in its own way. While it is probably my least favorite, I know there are people that read this site that will love it. So despite the fact that some of the ideas weren’t entirely original, they were still violently executed. I think this is one of those lost anthology gems that people should definitely look at. It is much more extreme than the mainstream American anthologies that we got so tired of just a few years back.

Click the picture below to get to the POE Hub, where there are links, trailers, and information on all four films!!

From the distributor: Eight directors reinterpret Edgar Allan Poe in a very personal and modern way, drawing from the vital cells of his writing the raw material for a new work. Visionary, extreme and terrifying, this new work includes, between the others, modern versions of The Pit And The Pendulum, The Murders Of Rue Morgue, The Premature Burial and The Tell Tale Heart.