Film Review: PEELERS (2016)

Film Review: PEELERS (2016)

May 19, 2016


From indie director Seve Schelenz, comes a pretty surprisingly brutal little film. It is not a groundbreaking zombie/contagion film, but it’s fun. Since the zombie craze has become completely out of control, it is difficult to walk into these films with a positive attitude. Even filmmakers that send me zombie-type screeners try to warn me ahead of time about how their film is different; because, even they know that websites are sick of watching zombies. I, for one, can watch zombie films all day long. This does not mean I have to like them all though. There are numerous modern zombie films that annoy the shit out of me. So while this isn’t the only zombie-in-a-strip-club movie out there, it is still a good example of modern zombie horror.

I like the pacing of this film and the fact that the characters are fairly interesting. There are definitely some cookie-cutter type characters, but these actors don’t try to fit into typecast roles. They actually do a decent job for such a small budget film. Although you haven’t heard of many people in this cast, there are a couple you will look out for in the future. Our main female protagonist, for instance, looks good and sounds convincing. She is pretty bad ass. I can see her being someone to end up with a sort of cult-ish Rose McGowan-esque following. While I think her final performance in the end credits is pretty stupid, that isn’t her fault. I enjoyed her performance, and look forward to her future work.

The director of this film is more well known in the area of editing. As an early attempt at direction, he does an above average job with this movie. The film looks good and has a great pace. It doesn’t have many slow points, and he tells a pretty brutal story. I wish there were more practical effects, and maybe some more inventive deaths. He definitely relies on nudity and violence, but is never too original with either. While I liked the look of the film, there is still the glaring fact that it is still just something that we’ve seen before. I wanted to love it, but I only like it.

This film is making a name for itself on the festival circuit. The critics are liking it. The audiences are talking about it. I believe it will definitely get a good distribution deal. I also think it will be a popular video-on-demand title. It has a lot of interesting content for a few different groups of fans. It is also one of the better examples of the numerous takes on modern zombie films. You can argue about the zombie title, or the CGI all day long, the important part is whether or not you should buy it. I suggest a VOD rental before purchase with this film. After that, if you like it, it may be worth ten bucks to add to your collection.