Film Review: A PERFECT CHILD OF SATAN (2012)

Film Review: A PERFECT CHILD OF SATAN (2012)

Jan 11, 2017

IMDb: A Perfect Child Of Satan (2012)
Director: Lucifer Valentine
Star: Chelsea Chainsaw

by Ryan Vincent Logsdon
(Dedicated to my mom, dad, brother & sister in law)

Lucifer Valentine has, once again, pushed the boundaries of his own distorted imagination consisting of never-ending worlds of Satanic harm and welcomed punishment, within the sowing of a strong fetish-driven creative output, with his brilliant short film A PERFECT CHILD OF SATAN, which was co-created by the multi-talented Chelsea Chainsaw.

Abandoning the controversial sub-genre of horror he created, Vomit Gore, the basis of each film being a mix of grotesque Satanic realms of endless suffering through purging and endless fetish torture, Lucifer Valentine paints colorful pictures of grotesque fantasies that confront the viewer with assaults of menacing perversion throughout, pushing himself into familiar, yet new and exciting dimensions of a sick expression.

Chelsea Chainsaw (in a strikingly memorable performance) is a young for-hire professional fetish provider who has met the man of her dreams in an alternative dating website. After a brief courtship she begins to record a video diary of her awaiting the arrival of her Prince Charming, creepily played by director Lucifer Valentine, whom she agrees to meet for the first time at his hotel room, alone and with a joyfully sound enthusiasm that pulses with a sexual energy that this woman (referred to as Sarah within the story) cannot keep from documenting with her camera which binds the audience to her impending plight as she counts down the days to meet her potential love, who has hidden his image from Chelsea and the audience, as to fill in the bleeding gaps of our own imaginations of his visage.

A knock on the hotel room doorway that leads to realms of pain, sexual assault and a perverse joining of two darkened tourists journeying within another shocking work that is terrifically scored, edited, acted, envisioned and executed by the creators of A PERFECT CHILD OF SATAN and Kingdom of Hell.

A deep sadness follows as the closing credits flash onscreen over images both beautifully-framed and composed with the loss of humanity caused by the depravity committed inside the confining walls of the nightmare disguised as a hotel room, accompanied by a soundtrack and design by Valentine that echoes universal undertones of infinite terror.

A PERFECT CHILD OF SATAN is a cautionary horror story that provides a glimpse of a lonely soul, sympathetically captured by Chelsea, a weakened heart that just wants someone to love her for herself, a doll of strange beauty baring a shattered past that is welcomed by another spirit seeking the same companionship and wishing equity within the explorations of coital embrace. This film, which I place pretty high in rankings of Valentine’s cinematic resume, continues pushing the mayhem of modern underground horror and the agonizing yet still inventive and boundary-crossing worlds that make up their existence.

Like Jack Ketchum’s THE GIRL NEXT DOOR, I feel a viewing of this artistic endeavor akin to watching someone jump from a burning building, only to find their death and with feelings of misery sure to be forever trapped within the scarred memories of the witnesses to the atrocities committed within A PERFECT CHILD OF SATAN.

BLACK LAVA’S release of A PERFECT CHILD OF SATAN is a stunningly new presentation of the short film (previously available in The Vomit Gore Boxset released by Unearthed Films) containing an artistic booklet stitched together by Valentine for this release, bonus content on the making of the film and a reaction video of the star watching and witnessing her movie for the first time (provided to Chelsea by a dear friend) which is interesting to say the least.

(On a personal note, I generally dislike Vomit Gore – with exception to ReGOREgitated SACRIFICE which I adore and consider to be the greatest fetish-horror film ever made – and with the majority of Kingdom of Hell’s output the last ten years or so failing to do anything but gross the hell out of me, I was totally impressed with this experimental outing)

This short film stimulates the audience emotionally while confronting them with hellish dreams of a carefully-crafted story and the eventual arc of insanity that follows, which is tangible and deeply conveyed during a viewing of A PERFECT CHILD OF SATAN.