Sep 21, 2016

IMDb: A Perfect Child Of Satan/Sorcerer Of Piss (2012)
Director: Lucifer Valentine
Star: Chelsea Chainsaw

This 2012 short film from Lucifer Valentine is getting a new release from Black Lava Entertainment. This is a film of unrelenting brutality, that is truly only appropriate for the viewer of the extreme. Of course, if you are reading this, you probably already know what to expect from this director.


If you don’t know about this depraved and maniacal filmmaker, I suggest you do some research before getting too far into the genre that he himself created. This genre, of course, is Vomit Gore. It is a style of filmmaking that is underground in every sense of the word. Many of the films involve real life sexual depravity, rape fantasy, bondage, bodily fluids, and tons of blood. I, in fact, started my journey into the Vomit Gore genre with the film Slow Torture Puke Chamber. While I definitely didn’t like that film, it was an experience nonetheless. You see, I love gore; however, mixing in hardcore porn, drinking vomit, piss, and many other things is just not what I’m looking for in a horror film. I do, however, understand that there is an audience for these films. In fact, after viewing A Perfect Child of Satan, I think I am willing to go and check out another of his films. Earlier in the month, we polled our readers and STPC came in very low. This film seems to be more widely liked, which makes me wonder if I need to go and find ReGorgitated Sacrifice. Judging from the screenshots that I have Googled, that film seems to focus a little more on the gore than the gross sex.

Anyway, I really like A Perfect Child of Satan. It is short and gets straight to the point. The handheld documentary camera style is very effective for this type of film. Valentine truly manages to redefine up close and personal with the shooting of this film. I also like the fact that this film has some social commentary. It is a film about a woman meeting someone from the internet…in person…alone…in a hotel room. What ensues is the most brutal rape I have ever seen on film. Anytime a film opens and closes with disclaimers ensuring safety of the lead actress, you know you’re in for something absolutely insane.

Aside from the great gore effects and insanely realistic rape/destruction of this poor young girl, this film also uses sound incredibly effectively. Similar to the sound in films like Channel 309 and Mondo Weirdothis score will truly pulsate through your brain for a very long 21 minutes. It is an uncomfortable amount of time spent watching one of the most disgusting acts mankind can commit. It is also so realistic, that you really may find yourself worrying about the safety of the female actress (Chelsea Chainsaw). Even the extra features are interesting in this film for that very reason. You see, there must be evidence on film for movies like this. Valentine makes sure everything he is planning to do is agreed upon by his lawyers, actors, and crew ahead of time. This disc even contains outtakes where hotel security was called to the room during filming.

The biggest special feature on this disc, as you may already know, is Sorcerer of Piss. It is a new Angela chapter in the Vomit Gore series. As you already know, I probably won’t have a ton to say about this one. The title tells you exactly what is going down in this film, so get ready to be sick.  The bottom line, however, is that this is definitely a must-own for fans of the depraved Angela series. For me, it is kind of an unwanted bonus, since I really liked A Perfect Child of Satan. In fact with all of these mixed signals I’m sending you, I should probably just put this out there. I think this is the purchase that rookies to Valentine’s films should buy, along with the veterans. So far, it has my favorite of the three of his films that I’ve seen. It also gives a short example of what the Vomit Gore genre is all about with the second short film. While Atroz, at this point, is my favorite extreme release of the year, this film is an easy second. It is a Valentine film that I would recommend to newbies and veterans alike. It is also one for the collector of the truly extreme. If you know about any of the films mentioned in this review, you are probably a perfect candidate for this purchase from Black Lava.