Film Review: Pig Pen (2016)

MVD finally sent Pig Pen from director Jason Koch. This movie made waves last year on the film circuit. It kicked ass at the HorrorHound Film Festival, and then kinda fell off my radar. It was a film that everyone was talking about, so I am definitely not the first person to review it. I can, however, attempt to revitalize the excitement around this film. Since I am seeing it for the first time, and it is a small film, there is surely a number of people out there that need to be introduced to or reminded about this amazing movie.

Whether I am late to the show or not, there is no denying that this is a film made up of raw cinematic power. First of all, the cast is really good. For a bunch of unknown actors, the three central characters all have great presence on the screen. This, of course, is obvious to people that already know that it won two acting awards at the previously mentioned film festival. For people that don’t know about this film, you will truly connect with the characters. This is something that rarely happens in small films, so be ready for a great and emotional viewing experience. Pay special attention, it is impossible not too, to the mother and son in the film. Their relationship on screen is genuine, their desperation throughout is heartbreaking, and their undying love is incredibly effective on this viewer.

The boy’s story also moves through various dark stages. This young actor also manages to be completely convincing throughout these stages. From desperate street life, to extreme fear, to anger, to vengeance, the boy’s emotions beautifully conveyed through this young actor’s eyes. In turn, his nemesis in the film will impress as well. While his battle against his mother’s sadistic boyfriend has you cheering for him throughout, the boyfriend’s performance will have you cheering for the actor’s career in the end. He is just a straight up great villain. I can guarantee that you will absolutely hate him, only further convincing you of the need for the boy’s revenge.

In the end, the film will become extremely memorable for any viewer. This film, after all, has a nihilistic twist ending that is far from predictable. While justice is served for one, and some may say all main characters, the end will absolutely infuriate pretty much anyone watching it. I loved it. Collectors need to find it. Film fans also need to keep an eye out for the names Jason Koch, Lucas Koch, Nicolette le Faye, and Vito Trigo.

Author: Steven Paul

Born and raised in Michigan, slowly dying in Florida. I'm here to keep you informed about everything in the world of indie horror. I also specialize in all genres of exploitation, cult, and extreme cinema. As part owner and Editor of Film and Television for Beneath the Underground, it is my responsibility to provide vast amounts of information for the horror fan and an outlet for the filmmaker.

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