Film Review: POE 4: THE BLACK CAT (2018)

Film Review: POE 4: THE BLACK CAT (2018)

Mar 11, 2018

Domiziano Christopharo, Chris Milewski, and Brace Beltempo are the directors behind the fourth and final POE anthology. I have covered the entire series on the site, despite the fact that I’m usually not a fan of the anthology structure. These, however, have all managed to satisfy my need for horror and gore, without boring me like many of your standard and stereotypical anthology films.

This anthology deals with multiple re-tellings of Poe’s classic tale, The Black Cat. The first segment isn’t as horrifying and gory as the others, but has a definite classical feel. As the anthology progresses, the film becomes more modern. It also begins to lean more into extreme territory. If anything, the combination of directors on this film, will manage to quench the thirst of many different horror fans.

With that being said, this it isn’t my favorite of the four films in the series. It is still good. Christopharo is definitely showing people that he can cross genres and appeal to many fans in different horror sub-genres. The biggest issue for me was the fact that The Black Cat has already been told and re-told to death; but despite all of that, once the film gets moving it’s hard to look away. The re-tellings get more interesting, an in turn more memorable, as the film progresses. This speaks volumes for all of the filmmakers involved; furthermore, it is becoming common in my analysis of all of the things in which Christopharo has been involved. His stuff always has great pacing. Due to this fact, it is imperative that you stick with all of his films, even the slower ones. The payoff, so far, has been worth it every time.

So while this isn’t where I’d start if I was recommending the series, or any of his work for that matter, it is still going to be a great addition for many collectors. I’d see it being a must-own for fans of classical Gothic literature and film. I also think the fans of seventies and eighties exploitation and homage will have a great time with this one. If you are more into films of an extreme nature, however, I’d go start you off with either POE 2 or 3. This final installment seems like a safe way to go out, but that safety may have some people thinking that he’s going for a more mainstream audience. Trust me though, this is no mainstream ABC’s of Death. It is worth everyone at least giving it a shot; but don’t fret, if you see it and discover it’s not extreme enough, the upcoming Deep Web XXX anthology will surely fulfill your craving for degenerate behavior.