Jan 10, 2019

IMDb: President’s Day (2010)
Director: Chris LaMartina
Stars: Bennie Mack McCoy IV, Lizzy Denning, Nicolette le Faye, Ruby Larocca

On Presidents Day weekend, a group of teenagers venture to a remote cabin in the woods. Through a series of random events, they accidentally curse themselves and awaken the former Presidents of the United States of America. The undead Presidents soon attack and begin killing them off one by one. To survive the night, they must band together and use their knowledge of American history and horror movies to once again make our forefathers a thing of the past.

This is an indie horror film that once again moves to expand the holiday slasher genre. It’s a good idea, if you’re into that sort of thing. It isn’t my favorite holiday horror film, but manages a few bright moments. I, for one, am always a fan of kills. This is a slasher/zombie film, so it really needs great kills to stand out. I thought the violence and depravity in the film was just average. Most of the originality in this film came from the dialogue, which isn’t what many people are looking for in this type of movie. This, of course, is why you can expect mixed reviews while researching this one.

I’m still a little confused as to how I feel about it. I thought this was kinda cool. It had interesting humor, that took a very sarcastic look at history and horror. It was wildly inappropriate and pretty funny. It has an old school Troma type feeling that come from films like Cannibal! The Musical. The biggest problem with the humor, however, was the performers. I know they were supposed to be over-the-top. I’m sure it was a conscious decision. It just got to a point where it was almost stressful at times. It wasn’t every character, but there weren’t many bright spots. One character, especially, took over-the-top to the point of overly annoying. I’m sorry, he just took it too far for me. He also manages to get a ton of screen time, which makes the film seem to drag a bit.

In the end, I would recommend this as a lazy afternoon VOD stream. It is a movie to watch when you don’t want to think or pay much attention to plot. Strangely enough, it is a funnier from the historical standpoint than the horror standpoint. This will make it highly original to some viewers, but possibly annoying for others. It’s not as bad as Killer Weed or Killer Bong, or The Gingerdead Man; but don’t expect any sudden urges to rush out and buy it.


Originally Published on May 26th, 2017