Film Review: PREVENGE (2017)

Film Review: PREVENGE (2017)

Jun 29, 2017


Widow Ruth is seven months pregnant . Dealing with the loss of her partner seems fine and it all seems to be going well, until she begins believing herself to be guided by her unborn baby. From that moment on she embarks on a homicidal rampage, dispatching anyone who stands in her way.


AMAZING little film, I truly loved this one!!

Writer, Director and Star of this film (she played Ruth, when she was seven months pregnant) British comedienne Alice Lowe is brilliant. Having seen her acting skills in The Sightseers and a few television roles, she has truly emerged as a star with this film.

She creates a story that comes together so perfectly I cannot fault it. Her directorial skills are fabulous and the film flows seamlessly through the dramatic, chaotic and peculiar.

The character of Ruth is tortured by the loss of her partner and we all empathize with her plight, but her ‘cravings’ are far from normal.

However this is what makes Prevenge such a great film.

Shot in only eleven days and neatly wrapped so well , Prevenge blends humour and heart in such a way you cannot dislike it.

The strong female supporting cast of Gemma Whelan (Game of Thrones,The Wolfman), Kate Dickie (The Witch, Prometheus),and Jo Hartley (This is England 90, Eddie the Eagle) pays off brilliantly with a series of well rounded believable performances by them and many male comic talents.

We begin with the idea of Ruth coming to terms months after the loss of her partner in a climbing accident and how Ruth has slowly come to blame the instructor for his death.

Seeing him moving on past the inquest findings triggers a little aggression, but as her foetus begins to ‘say’ what it is thinking to Ruth she enacts revenge on others.

Usually quite and solitary Ruth becomes a homicidal maniac with one of the best most heartfelt conclusions possible. Just fantastic!