Film Review: RAVE PARTY MASSACRE (2017)

Film Review: RAVE PARTY MASSACRE (2017)

Apr 23, 2018

Director: Jason Winn
Stars: Sara Bess, Evan Taylor Williams, Melissa Kunnap

Given the title and basic premise of RAVE PARTY MASSACRE I went in expecting something along the lines of 2009’s SWEATSHOP. What I got was a mix of slasher cliches and conspiracy theory politics that left me with a headache. I’m still not sure if I was supposed to see the killer as hero or villain. That’s how bad it is.

It’s 1992 and Rachel (Sara Bess) and boyfriend Branson (Jared Sullivan) have been arguing about the latter’s obsession with conspiracy theories all night. It doesn’t stop when they arrive at a rave being held in an abandoned hospital. They go in and quickly end up popping pills and hooking up with other people.

At some later point they and their new partners wake up in various places and various states of undress. In the film’s one truly creepy scene Rachel wakes up in a morgue drawer. The four of them find each other and Phillip (Evan Taylor Williams). It also seems that somebody else is in there, intent on killing them off one by one.

Where RAVE PARTY MASSACRE tries to set itself apart from other slashers is it’s political twist. There’s all manner of messages scrawled in red “WE WANT THE TRUTH”, “AMERICA FIRST!” etc. and the plot eventually goes down a rabbit hole dealing with a violent group of (fictional) domestic terrorists. But considering the film uses speeches by both George Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton at different points it’s stance and aims are never clear.

There’s also no real reason why these particular people have been chosen or what the point of it is. If it’s a terrorist operation why not simply kill them while they were passed out and be done with it? Dragging it out just increases the chances of something going wrong.

It’s also a little misleading calling it the RAVE PARTY MASSACRE when there’s so few potential victims. Or maybe I’m just jaded from reading up worse mass killing in the news on a regular basis.

Out now from Breaking Glass Pictures RAVE PARTY MASSACRE is nothing to rave about.