Film Review: RELEASED FROM LOVE (2017)

Film Review: RELEASED FROM LOVE (2017)

Mar 30, 2018

Director: Luciano de Azevedo
Stars: Edina Marcia Zinato Respeita, Mauro Pianta and Savia Cristina Rosa

Director Luciano de Azevedo has created a short film that will explore so much in so little time. Written by Luciano de Azevedo, Carolina Queiroz and, Luana Frasson Released From Love is an exploration of savage beauty.

On our screens we get rich imagery. A Smiley face egg timer, blue rubber gloves, two hands embrace, an old couple eating and laughing.
It all seems simple, yet somehow striking. The colors in each image are bold, warm, inviting. It lures you in and helps you invest in the couple. The simplicity of a lit match, some roast meat wrapped in a red ribbon.

We watch the meat being sliced cautiously, as wine is poured. The images splinter and begin to narrate 2 stories.  One of a happy marriage, longevity of love and its beauty. The second a more sinister and dark deadly secret.

A second load of images flash over the screen and rather than feeling warm with beauty we see something more abrupt and aggressive.
A severed leg, an old lady holding a large saw. The couple are toasting , feasting. She is dumping something , wearing a plastic jumpsuit as a fire burns nearby.

Flames lick the air as we see our couple devouring meat. We question is it flesh? The flames ease and we see burning letters. The bright happy yellow egg timer now bloodied, goes off. An abrupt climax to a short film wrought with emotion. The kitchen bench wiped with a paper towel and all the images cease. Life, story, saga all ended in one moment.

It is the beauty within these varied images, and the director’s ability to entwine them into one free flowing narrative that make Released From Love (though a mere six minutes in duration) quite a clever and well paced stylistic short.