Oct 3, 2018

IMDb: Revenge Is Her Middle Name (2011)
Director: Anthony Matthews
Stars: Lissa Brennan, Douglass Bell, Paula Bellin

Revenge Is Her Middle Name is a film that I just recently added to my Unearthed Films collection. It’s a sleazy and gory exploitation film that isn’t for the faint of heart…at times. Directed by Anthony Matthews, who brought along some other recognizable names from the Toetag crew, this was a pretty decent directorial debut. It has a really cool revenge storyline. It has disturbing sexual content and excellent gore effects from Jerami Cruise. As with many debuts, and really any film for that matter, it does have its issues.

While the film has enough brutality to hold the interest of many fans of extreme cinema, it still moves pretty slow in spots. It is 138 minutes long. There were two major parts of the film where you really felt it too. I think they could have taken an easy ten minutes out of the events leading to our heroines quest for revenge.

There is also a pretty long section of the film between two of the best kills that really seemed excessively slow. I think some off this may be due to the fact that the writing involved some shocking conversations that probably didn’t have to be so long. I found myself getting a little sick of the cliché drug addicted prostitute talk. At least I’m happy to say that that was really the only unoriginal aspect of the film.

With all of that being said, you are probably looking into this film for the sex and gore anyway. So even if you feel like I did with the pacing issues, you will probably come to find that the payoff is pretty huge. The last twenty five minutes, for instance, is pretty goddamn sweet. Despite my issues with pacing and dry conversation, it was still a film that needed to pay homage to an exploitation genre from way back in the day.

I could see myself getting attached to either my dialogue or footage if I made films too; so again, I think you will find this film a great addition to your underground horror collection. I got it off of Amazon for less than ten bucks used and shipped. It’s around fifteen bucks new, which is still definitely worth it for the collector of shocking and extreme cinema. So keep an eye on these guys, I’m sure there is more disturbing goodness in store for all of us.