Film Review: SCALPEL (1977)

Film Review: SCALPEL (1977)

Mar 13, 2018

John Grissmer is the infamous director of Blood RageAbout ten years before Blood Rage, however, he made the wildly disturbing Southern Gothic tale called Scalpel.

Scalpel is a strange tale. It’s got this crazy ass doctor, who apparently doesn’t have enough money. He comes up with a scheme where he takes one of his plastic surgery patients and makes her look like his daughter. This leads to a pretty basic story, where he needs to get this impersonator to act like his daughter so he can snag some family inheritance.

Of course, that is until he starts banging her. The movie quickly becomes very unsettling in regard to this relationship. This plot leads us down another dark path, when an uncle starts to suspect things. Wait, and then the real daughter shows up. She was supposed to be dead, because we saw a hilarious flashback scene with her drowning earlier on in the film.

Then some more people show up, completely screwing the doctor over. They double cross him while he’s double crossing one of the girls. Half the time we don’t know which girl is which, and in the final scene we don’t really know who is good, bad, or crazy. The line between reality gets blurred, and the movie ends. Someone gets the money. I’m still not sure what happened. Like this review, the film is an ADD ridden roller-coaster of inexplicable twists and turns. It manages to attempt to mimic the Giallo style. It has some pretty cool music. It is also probably weird enough to hold the attention of anyone, whether or not they think it’s good or bad. I’m not sure if this is enough to convince anyone to buy it. I know it is worth one watch; however, I’m not sure how much re-watchability it will have for most people. I think it may be a title that I wait on for a good eBay deal, or even the next Arrow Festive Sale.