Mar 28, 2016




Djinn, ghosts, gangsters, serial killers, Santa Clause, and nudity. In Mathew Kister’s anthology collection wonderfully titled Shivers Down Your Spine you will be treating to a plethora of entertainment styles. Don’t be afraid of its micro budget, this is one badass film that restores my faith in anthology horror.

The premise of the film starts in the wraparound were we are introduced to Sabiah, a djinn that appears when a man heats up a pizza in the microwave only to find that his pizza has been replaced by a djinn lamp. The man quickly rubs the lamp and his topless djinn appears in a cloud of purple smoke. After wishing for the djinn to put a shirt on and replace the missing pizza, his next wish is to be entertained. He asks that Sabiah tell him nine stories, each one representing a segment in the anthology.

The opening film is Deadbolt, a tale about a girl home alone on Halloween night. Trying to settle in for a night of popcorn and horror films, the girl is terrorized by a spirit that is dead set on ruining her night. Convention Girl combines, sex, horror, and vampire tales. A clever twist on cosplay and after hour convention antics, this one delivers plenty of laughs and clever twists. In Birthday Dinner, a couple celebrates their daughter’s birthday without her as she is being punished for her bad behavior. This is a very Tales from the Crypt style story with a twisted finale. Whispering Board follows three sorority girls spending the night playing with a Ouija board in order to solve the murder of their beloved friend.

I Dream of Djinni adds a personal flair to Sabiah’s backstory where she is called upon to grant the wishes of a degenerate looking for the perfect woman. The next film, Shortly After Nightfall flips the style and delivers a black and white crime noir about a girl wanting to go home after being picked up on the side of the road by a gangster. A Bad Heart follows a serial killer making his rounds on Valentines Day. After being stood up on a date, a woman loses her grip on sanity in the penultimate Last Breath. Finally, Shivers ends with A Christmas Horror Story, an homage to not only EC Comics, but also 1980s schlock and shot-on-video madness complete with a booming synth score.

With 10 segments, including the wraparound, Shivers Down Your Spine clocks in at a hefty 2+ hours. Combine that with the 90 minute outtake reel, multiple commentaries, a bonus short and more, you certainly get your money’s worth with this one. Hopefully the release is a success and brings on the teased sequel, Chills Down Your Spine, as well as Dead Lantern Pictures follow up film, The Eyes of Isabelle. Shiver’s displays a loving appreciation for the genre and a desire to tell cool stories. Mathew Kister is a single voice that makes each segment fresh and different. Shivers Down Your Spine packs enough fun and entertainment to make it one of the strongest anthology entries in recent years.

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