Film Review: Stormy Monday (1988)

Arrow Video recently released this early film from the two time Academy Award nominated director of Leaving Las Vegas, Mike Figgis.

Stormy Monday is a crime film from 1988 that looks and feels like something Michael Mann would have done. It had an impressive cast for a filmmaker who, at the time, had only made one made-for-TV movie. So while I like the history behind it and the look of the film, I can’t help but feel a little let down.

Sting, Tommy Lee Jones, Sean Bean, and Melanie Griffith star in this film, all providing pretty ineffective performances. They play stereotypical, and sometimes even cartoon-ish, examples of shady politicians, bad boys, damsels in distress, and conniving businessmen. Their trials and tribulations all manage to lead up to a boring climax in an overall weak story of greed and corruption.

Collectors of crime and action films from this decade may see this as a must-own title. I, however, would look more into the works of Michael Mann and probably just stop there. There is a market for this title, I just think it will end up being one of the cheaper Arrow releases by the end of the year. So if you’re a strict label collector, you may already own this. If you’re in love with the genre, which I am not, you may be thinking about it. If you are a casual fan, I think you should wait to find a cheap used copy online.

Author: Steven Paul

Born and raised in Michigan, slowly dying in Florida. I'm here to keep you informed about everything in the world of indie horror. I also specialize in all genres of exploitation, cult, and extreme cinema. As part owner and Editor of Film and Television for Beneath the Underground, it is my responsibility to provide vast amounts of information for the horror fan and an outlet for the filmmaker.

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