THE BAD MAN (2018)

THE BAD MAN (2018)

Jan 2, 2019

IMDb: The Bad Man
Director: Scott Schirmer
Stars: Ellie Church, Arthur Cullipher, Jason Crowe
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The Bad Man is the newest indie trip into the dark depths of the human psyche, brought to you by the group of midwestern filmmakers responsible for the cult classics Found, Headless, Plank Face, and Harvest Lake. It is a brutal glimpse into the events that would change the lives of main characters PJ and Mary forever. Since we are definitely in the midst of the cinematic revival of the scary clown, it is important to realize why. I think the sudden draw to the clown horror film is due to the fact that the depictions are becoming much darker. From the new Pennywise in the mainstream film IT to last year’s indie hit Circus of the Dead, it has become apparent that filmmakers are actually trying to make the scary clown movie scary.

So what’s the deal with this clown? Well he is a sexually depraved maniac set on turning Mary into a human sex doll and PJ into a dog programmed for pleasure…or as he would say, receiving love. The sadistic clown in The Bad Man is a strangely disturbing character. His horror comes more from the sexually-depraved-claustrophobic-B&E sort of aspects that don’t need an insane amount of gore to be scary. But don’t worry, even if you are into this year’s most recent gore drenched Netflix hit Terrifier, you still should give this one a chance.

You see, this one still has gore; it just utilizes it in key moments. As far as gore and psychology go, it falls somewhere between both Found and Headless in both categories. I, in fact, found this to be a refreshing balance, finding myself liking this film much more than expected. I walked into thinking that it was just another clown movie, and walked out really happy with the fact that it was a great clown movie.

In the end, this film definitely deserves to be given a chance. If you are a veteran of the films from this crew, you will be pleasantly surprised to see that the cast is giving its best performance to date. If you are new to them, you will surely be impressed the look and feel of a film that seems to have a much higher production value than most indie films.

Originally  Published on: October 11th, 2018