Film Review: THE BASEMENT (1989)

Film Review: THE BASEMENT (1989)

Sep 6, 2018

IMDb: The Basement (1989)
Director: Timothy O’Rawe
Stars: Dennis Driscoll, Kathleen Heidinger, David Webber

The Basement was released in 1989 and directed by Timoth O’Rawe. It takes classic elements of the framing story, and mixes them with the horrific and comedic elements found in your favorite episodes of Tales from the Crypt. In the film, four people just randomly appear in a basement together. They are approached by a demonic figure that tells them of horrific events coming in each of their lives. Since each character believes they are inherently good, he must show them their dark and murderous futures. This creates the anthology element that leads the viewer down four darkly depraved paths.

The first path involves a swimming pool monster. It is here, where a wife is trying to kill off her spouse with a little help from her aquatic friend. This segment lacks blood, but has an insane amount of hilarious and terrible acting. The second segment involves a teacher who has dark fantasies about murdering his students. It isn’t just one or two either, like that makes it better, instead he fantasizes about taking out an entire class while he’s teaching. His fantasy sequence is full of awesome low-budget practical effects that will really grab the gore hound’s attention after the slow starting segment.

The third segment is a haunted house story that has a nice balance of horror and comedy. Although it is nothing incredible, it is a good segment that pays homage to many of the films being made around its time. The fourth segment is a hilarious take on low-budget film-making in the midst of a zombie epidemic. This is a memorable segment because it makes fun of itself and includes numerous references to the zombie masters of the time.

As a whole, this is a film that will be a little inconsistent for some viewers. I am not sure anyone can say that any anthology film is consistent anyway. Segmented films are going to go in many different directions. This means we are going to like some and hate others. Nowadays, we have films like The ABC’s of Death that contain too many segments to even keep my attention throughout. So for a film with only four segments, I think some of our anthology filmmakers today need to take note. Have some focus and quit fucking with my attention span.