Jan 8, 2019

IMDb: Time to Kill (2014)
Director: Brian K. Williams
Stars: Ellie Church, Debbie Rochon, Charlie Moon
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Over a three year period, Scott Schirmer, Arthur Culliphur, and Brian K. Williams put the mid-west horror scene on the map with some disturbing and controversial independent horror films. Found and Headless still come up pretty often in conversations regarding the throwback film and practical effects magic. Time to Kill, however, came out between the two and utilized many of the same cast/crew, including the up-and-coming cult film icon Ellie Church.

Since the release of these three films, all of these talented people have gone on to work on Plank Face, Harvest Lake, and Space Babes from Outer Space. Now that they have cemented themselves as regulars on the scene, their consistent output of quality films makes them a great group to watch when looking to add to your collection.

With that being said, I recently used Scott Schirmer’s Fourth of July sale to upgrade Found and Headless to Blu-ray. Since¬†Time to Kill had a huge price reduction, and just happened to be one of the only films in the catalog that I had not yet seen, I picked it up too. I was pleasantly surprised by this film, and couldn’t believe that I had never seen it before. It was probably overshadowed by the hype surrounding the releases and success of Found and Headless.

In the end, I really enjoyed Time to Kill. It utilized the vintage look of the grind house film that was often being imitated around that time. It also had story-lines reminiscent of underground films like Hanger and Skumbagz. I really felt like there was a nice blend of styles that were occurring in mainstream cinema like Deathproof and Planet Terror, while holding onto the underground shocking content that we all love from indie labels from Troma to The Sleaze Box.

So anyway, it’s a brutal revenge story full of drugs, strippers, sleazy characters, boobs, and sweet sprays of blood. It is a film that appreciates the golden age of the drive-in and amazing modernized special effects work. I had a great time watching Ellie hack and slash her way from douche-bag to sleaze-bag in her violent tongue-in-cheek white trash road trip to vengeance.