Film Review: TORMENT (2017)

Film Review: TORMENT (2017)

Jun 17, 2017

Torment is a film that was inspired by the killings of John Wayne Gacy. The infamous clown killer raped, tortured, and mutilated at least 33 victims. He has been famously and infamously used in films and books for years. While many people blame It or American Horror Story for making them afraid of clowns, I blame this real-life example of brutality and murder. This is a film directed by Adam Ford. It is also being produced by Domiziano Christopharo. If you don’t know who this is by now, you will know very soon. His film Red Krokodil is getting a release from Unearthed Films. Another of his production credits, Sacrifice, is also being made the fourth film in the American Guinea Pig Series…and it is good…really good.


As for this movie, it is really freakin’ disturbing. It has more dick, man-on-man rape, and disgusting sexual brutality than anything that most people have ever seen. While it is not quite on the level of Lucifer Valentine’s sexual depravity, nothing really is, so it may be a close second. It is a movie that uses setting and sound in minimalist fashion. It is not very long, prioritizing on-screen shocks and brutal content for maximum efficiency. I found the performances to be effective, as well. While the actors may not have had to show much range, they still manage to frighten the viewer without a doubt. When I see small films like this, I often think about production and budgets. This movie has so much content that would never be funded by a big production company. It is so offensive, that it would never get worldwide distribution. I’m not even sure where it will be streamable, with recent content crackdowns by services like Amazon.

So you’re going to have to go to the source for this one. Keep an eye on Cristopharo and BtU, to get updates on how to buy this film. It is insanely extreme, and will not disappoint the collectors of the most brutal gore films. I know that if you’re reading this site, you are going to want this film. Whether it is clowns, piss, vomit, serial killers, blood, or rape, this film will have something that scares everyone and disturbs most of them. Even the most hardened viewer of extreme cinema is going to look at this film as one of the nastiest ones ever made. It really does make me think of films like Amerikan Holokaust, Madness of Many, August Underground, A Serbian Film, and A Perfect Child of Satan. It is also surprisingly stylistic and well made. There is really only one portion of the make up work that I found to be laughable, and I almost forgot about it by the time the film was over; because, I was so disgusted by the overshadowing depravity that surrounded it.

Background from the Producer:

Adam’s career started as a porn actor, then as a director with the film MUSEO DELLA CARNE (a porn remake of HOUSE OF FLESH MANNEQUINS). In 2011 he appeared in the controversial porn/horror HYDE’S SECRET NIGHTMARE with Roberta Gemma. In addition to acting he is also involved in sport competitions, becoming a THAI BOX athlete and Body Builder.


“Give them pleasure. The same pleasure they have when they wake up from a nightmare.”