Film Review: UNLISTED OWNER (2013)

Film Review: UNLISTED OWNER (2013)

Jan 27, 2018

UNLISTED OWNER (2013) from writer/director Jed Brian is yet another found footage film about people going somewhere with an evil reputation and running into evil activities. Despite differing a bit from the usual by being pieced together from footage from several cameras the film is still mostly an exercise in deja vu.

UNLISTED OWNER starts with a family moving into their new home. Their daughter is convinced they’re not alone but nobody believes her. They should have, as they don’t survive their first night. We then jump forward to the main story of a group of friends heading out to the woods to party. After a few to many they realize the infamous murder house, which has just claimed more victims, isn’t that far away and decide to investigate. Of course they soon find themselves in over their heads.

After the usual text telling us what we’re about to see UNLISTED OWNER gets off to a fast start with the first deaths. Unfortunately after that it’s a long dull stretch until anything else interesting happens. And in a film that’s barely over an hour long, that’s saying a lot. Once they get to the house and run afoul of what’s lurking there it picks up the pace with some nice scares. But nearly half the film’s run time are these meatheads bickering and insulting each other before taking a drunken road trip to the house.

Given the short running length and lack of horror content I wonder if this film was actually finished. It feels as though they ran out of money before they could shoot more dealing with the most recent victims. The 2013 IMDB date and trailer from 2014 also say shelved/uncompleted film. If that was the case then it’s too bad, because with a bit more action UNLISTED OWNER could have been a much more enjoyable film.

UNLISTED OWNER is available on VOD and DVD from TomCat Films.