Film Review: VIOLENT SHIT (2015)

Film Review: VIOLENT SHIT (2015)

Mar 29, 2016




Andreas Schnaas created the German gore film in 1987 with the original Violent Shit. Telling the tale of what would become his, and the genre’s best know creation Karl the Butcher this homemade film would take its place in history and spawn three sequels. It’s been six years since the last installment and now Karl is back in Violent Shit – The Movie, only he’s left his native Germany for sunny Italy and the direction of Schnass for that of Luigi Pastore.

Along with the change in setting comes a bit of a change in format. Rather than being an over the top, slasher gore-fest we get some giallo influences to the plot, and yes there actually is a plot. Professor Vassago, played by the legendary Giovanni Lombardo Radice resurrects Karl and controls him, using him to kill for his own purposes. Add in a murderous politician with links to the professor and a pair of detectives trying to stop the killings and you have what could have been the makings of a fine giallo gore-fest along the lines of The Darkness Surrounds Roberta, or even Tulpa.

Instead it’s a misfire on almost every level. After the first kill, (reedited footage of the late Lilli Carati from an unfinished film), it takes nearly half an hour to get the next on screen kill, (we do get to see the aftermath of Karl’s work). That’s a long time in a film that doesn’t even make it to the 90 minute mark. And the script doesn’t have the substance to support it’s giallo styling. The plot doesn’t just become convoluted it makes no sense at all. It tries to play in its own heritage, at one point the detectives watch footage of one of the original films, used here as footage of his earlier killings. There are also characters named after genre directors and several cameos by other directors such as Enzo G. Castellari and Luigi Cozzi. They add a fun touch to the events. The soundtrack by Argento’s frequent composer Claudio Simonetti is excellent but that’s to be expected.

However, let’s be honest, the reason one watches a film called Violent Shit is the gore. And while there’s not nearly as much of it as in the original films it is very well done this time, unlike the amateurish effects of the original these are solid, in particular a wince inducing castration scene. And while we’re in that general region I should mention there is plenty of bare boobs and other body parts on display too. It delivers the flesh and the blood as it were.

So, if you’re just looking for some over the top gore and some naked women, this, like the originals, should satisfy you. If you like a good film with them in it, you’ll probably want to skip this one.