Film Review: VISITOR (Short Film 2017)

VISITOR may come in at just under 10 minutes, but it has enough content to interest even the shortest attention span. Written and Directed by Roger Sampson, with an accompanying and with the impressively well put together score by Ryo Utasato.

Sampson crafts a simple story about Doctor Price (played amazingly by Ashley Maure), a fertility specialist who becomes the victim of an unknown caller and  unseen encounter. The story could easily evolve into a feature, with Sampson creating simple moments, in which we can see its potential.
Maure has a realism on camera that is enjoyable and allows the viewer to invest in watching her. She is joyful and sweet in her lead role, but when the script drops to a darker zone she executes the subtle changes brilliantly!

The direction plays out like part of a TV episode – quality shots, easy on the eyes angles, and well constructed flow from scene to scene. The supporting cast are all quite natural and give off a genuine realism that helps us feel engrossed in the plot – unaware of what is to come. When the changes happen, we recoil. We are surprised by the odd shift in the story and strange behaviors our lead exhibits.

Yet as it closes, we are left wanting more.


Author: Michelle Sayles

Michelle is a long term horror fan, who writes reviews to purge her thoughts. Horror has been her favorite genre since she was 5yrs old- the 1976 film The Omen being her favorite, and Stephen King became her favorite author at the age of 10 when she saw Pet Sematary and begged her parents for the novel. Michelle was raised on Hammer Horror and her specialty is learning more about independent films, especially in the Australian market . Michelle writes the way she thinks, which folks don't always agree with but that is her....she shoots from the hip

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