Sep 9, 2017

The anthology film has been at a bit of a crossroads lately, caught between the more traditional short story collections in the style of THE HOUSE THAT DRIPPED BLOOD and ASYLUM and films like THE ABCs OF DEATH and TALES OF HALLOWEEN which cram in as many very short tales as possible. At eight stories and running just under two hours VOLUMES OF BLOOD: HORROR STORIES, the sequel to 2015’s VOLUME OF BLOOD, seems to be trying to give viewers a bit of both with many somewhat longer stories all linked together, some more connected than others.

MURDER DEATH KILLER is a tale of a robbery gone wrong and a murdered man made into a scarecrow who comes back to life. Fast paced with some good gore it gets things off to a nice start.

HATERS starts with two assholes getting tossed out of a theater showing Murder Death Killer and harassing an usher before heading home, where they get a bit more killer action than they intended.

TRICK OR TREAT involves a library security guard who leaves his girlfriend alone when he gets called into work, of course a masked killer takes advantage of this. A weak episode, it does however influence several other stories.

A KILLER HOUSE sets off the main arc of the film as a real estate agent shows a house and relates the various evils that have occurred in it.

FEEDING TIME tells the tale of a door to door insurance salesman lured into a young woman’s bedroom. Looking like an old dirty joke at first it turns nasty and ends on a clever note.

BLOOD BATH involves a haunted shower and lots of gore but not much else.

FEAR, FOR SINNERS HERE involves Christmas gifts, a deranged caroler and a wicked shock at the end. This is easily the best of the stories.

THE DEATHDAY PARTY is the last actual story and concerns an old man and his trophy wife who decide to celebrate his birthday by killing a young woman. Needless to say things don’t go as planned,

It all wraps up with an overlong segment that goes back to HATERS and tries to tie it all up rather neatly while still leaving an opening for another VOLUME OF BLOOD. This could have been a lot shorter and ends the film on a weak note.

While VOLUMES OF BLOOD: HORROR STORIES is overall a pretty mixed bag it has enough good segments to outweigh the bad and there is plenty of nice, practical gore effects to help liven up even the weaker moments.

Volumes of Blood : Horror Stories extras

– Cast & Crew Commentary Track
– The Art of Killing – special effects featurette
– House by the Video Store – behind-the-scenes featurette

– Cast & Crew Commentary Track
– Premiere Night Audio Track (watch the film with its first full audience)
– VOBHS: Premiere Night featurette
– The Art of Killing – special effects featurette
– Brian Storm Memorial Video
– From The Set: Escape Pod interview with Moses Moseley
– House by the Video Store – behind-the-scenes featurette