Film Review: VOYAGE TO AGATIS (2010)

Film Review: VOYAGE TO AGATIS (2010)

Sep 23, 2018

IMDb: Voyage to Agatis (2010) [aka Reise nach Agatis]
Director: Marian Dora
Stars: Thomas Goersch, Tatjana Lommel, Janna Lisa Dombrowsky

Marian Dora is an underground icon. He only has a few films, and they are all pretty hard to come by. Voyage to Agatis was released by Massacre Video, and is perhaps the easiest to find. It is still a victim of Ebay rapists, so I urge you to shop around and be patient if you’re looking for it. There are crazy people out there. I have seen these people asking for over a hundred dollars for this film. At this point, I am beginning to realize that collectors may need to take as much responsibility for killing the collecting market as illegal downloading. Sure, the piracy issues drive up prices and make it impossible for the little guys to make any money distributing their films. The collectors aren’t helping either, when they pre-order a film for twenty bucks and then try to gouge people by asking for over a hundred. I got this film for twelve bucks.

In fact, this is the second film in two months that I have found for less than fifteen dollars, despite often seeing them with asking prices of eighty and up. I understand that your eBay posts won’t get views unless you put OOP RARE and HTF in the titles. This does not mean that you have to be unfair though. People aren’t buying movies like they used to. Even the Facebook groups are plagued by buyers who low-ball the seller until they don’t want to sell or sellers that gouge the buyers until they don’t want to buy. What they all need to understand it the fact that once they buy and open a film, it rarely gains value. I, myself, understand that I’m not buying this stuff to make money. I buy what I want to keep. If I end up with doubles, or upgrades, I rarely ask more than what I paid. Now there are very rare pieces occasionally. The whole misrepresentation of out-of-print, however, is completely ridiculous. Some VHS titles do go OOP forever, so they can be expensive. Eventually DVD will go the way of VHS; but, right now you can usually find a DVD in print and affordable from someone somewhere.

With that being said, this movies isn’t worth a hundred bucks. It’s not even worth more than twenty for most collectors. It’s pretty cool. It’s got twisted characters and pretty good performances from unknown actors. It has nice gore effects and manages to be disturbing in the realms of sex and violence. It’s worth a watch. I’m glad I found it. I’m glad I got lucky enough to find a fair seller. This is all because I would be pretty upset if I got gouged for this film. It just isn’t too inventive. Dora created a genre with Melancholie der Engel and did amazing things with gore in Cannibal. With Voyage, however, he just remade that movie with the crazy guy on the boat. You know, A Knife in the Water or Waves of Lust. I was sad that I had seen this before, under other titles, but happy with the fact that it was at least a bit more twisted than its predecessors. In the end, the collector will really want to research this one to see if they’re truly interested in what they get for the price. Shoot, some people may  find this release to be worth it just for the extra short films. Like Buttgereit’s Sex, Murder, Art box, sometimes the early shorts from a filmmaker like this are game changers. Again, I thought these were okay, but not worth more than twenty bucks for the whole package.