Film Review: XPIATION (2018)

Film Review: XPIATION (2018)

Sep 24, 2018

IMDb: Xpiation
Director: Domiziano Cristopharo
Stars: Chris Milewski, Chiara Pavoni, Karen Lynn

Notorious Euro-gore filmmaker Domiziano Christopharo has got to be one of the hardest working guys in independent horror. He produces, writes, edits, directs, acts, and even does special effects work. His director credits alone amount to twenty-seven since his debut film in 2009. With all of that being said, it has been pretty obvious over the years that I’m a fan of his work. I’ve covered pretty much everything he’s done from anthologies to feature length films. Since his films are starting to gain wider distribution in the US, it’s good to know that more people will be able to easily discover the sickness that he is spreading across Italy.

Xpiation is his most recent feature length film, and definitely one worth checking out for fans of the Guinea Pig films. It is actually the third film in his Trilogy of Death, which consists of the sexually perverse Torment as well as the fourth film in the AGP series, Sacrifice. We’ve covered both of those films here, but you can check out new content regarding the entire trilogy by following the link Trilogy of Death.

Like his series of P.O.E. anthologies, this trilogy is worth looking at as thematically related; however, each film may appeal differently to different audiences. While the insanely brutal gore effects of Sacrifice have been overshadowed by the Song of Solomon release, it is a film that arthouse and effects fans will eventually track down as a hidden gem. I found Torment to be really disturbing, but in a way that would appeal more to the fans of psycho-sexual variety. I think this third installment will be important to the collector of the revenge and torture genres. Since it runs more along the lines of your claustrophobic torture films dating back to movies like Boy Meets Girl, it would even be a good introductory piece to a fan that is looking for a way into a new sub-genre of indie film.

As far as my opinion goes, and it doesn’t go far, I would definitely recommend that any horror fan at least give this a chance if they can find it. While I didn’t see it being as original as either of the other two films in the trilogy, I still appreciated the blood and gore. His work in putting effects on screen has done nothing but improve since I first started watching his stuff a few years back. He gets up close and personal with his bloodshed in a way that many weaker filmmakers are afraid to do. I just think there could have been a little more plot; but, that really isn’t why we are watching these type of movies now is it? We sit through them to see just how real they can look. We sit through them to say we’ve seen the most extreme horror out there. I would like to think that this one will impress people looking for that type of aesthetic insanity. It think it will leave most genre rookies squeamish and veterans looking for more of this filmmaker’s work.

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