Five BD Upgrades You Should Already Own

Five BD Upgrades You Should Already Own

May 19, 2018

We’re almost through the fifth month of the year, and the majority of my collection purchases have been on Blu-ray upgrades. Since Blu-ray prices are dropping, streaming services are strengthening their grasp on distributors, and VHS collectors have ruined their own (already dismal) market, I have decided to snag some crystal clear BD restorations in order to capitalize while I still can. In a way, it is really just re-focusing the collection on quality over quantity; since, I used to just buy everything I saw online, in pawn shops, in stores, etc.. It got a little out of control, to say the least. So anyway, here are my top five upgrades so far this year.

They aren’t all brand new; but, they cover all of the big labels for the collectors of the strange and unusual. The list also boasts some of the cleanest and clearest visual and audio restoration work that I’ve seen in awhile. On top of all of that, they are also actually affordable! So whether you’ve already heard of these, already own them, or just have a huge Amazon wishlist, this is a great place to see some good examples of awesome horror cinema.

Night of the Living Dead (The Criterion Collection) has recently received the release that it always deserved. It has multiple cuts, and a high quality scan that makes it look like it was filmed yesterday.

Day of the Dead (Scream Factory) is not a brand new release; however, it was new to me when Best Buy put a bunch of films from this label on sale. I was pleasantly surprised by the clarity and attention to detail that they gave the least popular film of the original zombie trilogy. As far as the film goes, I already thought it was underrated; now I have a great restoration to go with my overly-optimistic view of the film

Basket Case (Arrow Video) was a recent release that was reviewed on this site as well. It’s not their best restoration; however, it is far from their worst. I always wanted a version of this film that I could actually see and hear. I’m really glad it is here, and at a very fair price from a usually expensive label.

Suspiria (Synapse Films) finally had its long-awaited release a few months back. The limited edition/steelbook releases got really rapey really quickly. Luckily enough, they followed it up with a wider release of a cheaper version of the film. This is a stunning and flawless color corrected restoration of the greatest horror film of all time. It also takes Goblin’s classic soundtrack to the next level. If you can only get one film on this list, it really needs to be this one. It isn’t only my favorite upgrade so far this year; it is one of my favorite Blu-ray purchases ever!

Zombie 3 (Severin Films) isn’t really out yet; and, it is the most expensive release on the list for that very reason. So while I kinda lied about having purchased all of the films on the list, I had to find a way to combine a review and a press release just to mess with anyone that may have actually read this post. So this upcoming release is definitely one of my most highly anticipated. I can’t wait to own it, and I don’t even know about the quality yet.