Graphic Novel Review: City of Filth: Dark Valkyrie (2018)

Joona Kopperoinen is a multi-talented artist working his way into the horror community through his violent animated films and comic books. We recently reviewed his short films Lin! Forest of Hatred and Dusten Choke. He has a very cool artistic style that reminds me of lots of independent works, especially in the comic industry. As far as animated films go, I compared the look of his films to the Unearthed Films release of Dead Fury. When it comes to the  comic aesthetic, I am reminded of many popular indie mobile games for some strange reason.

So as far as this work goes, I would say that there plenty of reasons for horror fans to check him out. The graphic novel in question for this installment in the coverage of his young career is called City of Filth: Dark Valkyrie. It has a cool combination of post-apocalyptic elements reminiscent of Mad Max and modern amalgamations from cult fillms such as Knightriders. It is a multi-layered story that follows interesting characters through some pretty gory quests. I think this is a really cool medium for this type of art, and would efinitely like to see it turned into an animated film. This, of course, is difficult since the artist is a one man crew. He animates, produces, and distributes all of his own stuff; so, this may be a good pick-up for people just getting into his work. It may be a simplistic gateway into his world, allowing you the opportunity to check out some of his short films in the future.

In the end, I think this definitely work checking out for fans of films and comics. We are in an age where independent artists are becoming popular in the world of graphic design and game animation as well. So even if you have a slight interest in the aesthetic of that sort of thing, you will probably have an interest in this book. If you follow the link the the film reviews above, you can learn more about how to purchase his stuff. I think he’s a great new addition to the indie horror community that definnitely deserves a chance. So if you aren’t ready to pay internationala shipping costs for his films, I definitely suggest that you get your feet wet through this medium to see if you want to purchase his films.

Author: Steven Paul

Born and raised in Michigan, slowly dying in Florida. I'm here to keep you informed about everything in the world of indie horror. I also specialize in all genres of exploitation, cult, and extreme cinema. As part owner and Editor of Film and Television for Beneath the Underground, it is my responsibility to provide vast amounts of information for the horror fan and an outlet for the filmmaker.

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