Apr 9, 2018


Bazz Hancher is a writer and director from England who creates independent short films and features with the production company called White Raven Films.

Prior to creating the fantastically depraved dark comedy WHITE GOODS, Bazz Hancher was known for his short films, especially Leon’s Broken Mind (an amazing yet highly graphic and disturbed short, about a man who is seriously mentally unbalanced). His films have a level of depravity to them yet still focus on a strong narrative and well selected cast choices (particularly his leading man in Leon’s Broken Mind and WHITE GOODS Richard Robotham).

I recently watched the film WHITE GOODS and personally I found it to be an amazingly hilarious romp through the cheesy, the nasty, and the incredibly bizarre. Some scenes will definitely push the boundaries of good taste (literally!!) and others will make you laugh so hard you cry. Ahead of the premiere event screening for WHITE GOODS, I caught up with Bazz Hancher and he gave me some insight into the films production and the local film community of which he is a part of.

Michelle – How did you come up with the storyline for WHITE GOODS?

Bazz – When I came up with the concept of WHITE GOODS I spoke to Richard Rowbotham about turning the story into a screenplay. The reason for this was that I wanted to direct a film that White Raven hadn’t actually written, and so WHITE GOODS was born. From the start we wanted it to be a dark comedy horror, rather than a straight horror/exploitation film, to test our filmmaking range. Both myself and Richard had worked together before and Richard has more of a foot in straight comedy, while I have a darker sense of humor and an exploitative edge, so we decided to mix it up.

Michelle – The mother/son scene has stayed in my mind quite strongly and to be honest, I nearly puked for that and the undies flakes eating. Why? What was the idea behind those revolting scenes?

Bazz – Regarding the revolting scenes in the film we have always wanted to draw emotion from the audience. By watching the uncomfortable mother and son scene it becomes a relief when a funny scene follows it. This puts the audience on a bit of a rollercoaster of emotions. It’s part of White Raven Films ethos of getting our audiences to remember our films, especially given budget and resources, otherwise we will end up making very poor versions of better films. People may hate our films, but at least they will remember them.

Michelle – A while back I reviewed Leon’s Broken Mind with actor Richard Rowbotham, he’s hilarious as the main role as Rio Tard (an aptly named character may I add), how did you find him and other principal cast members for WHITE GOODS?

Bazz – I was showing a film at a local film show organized by my good friend and fellow director Thomas lee Rutter (who made the short Bella in the Wych Elm – great film) and he introduced me to Richard as he had been in Tom’s film Feast For The Beast. I asked him if he wanted to be in one of my future films, which he said he would, and ended up playing the part of Leon in Leon’s Broken Mind. As both myself and Michael Walcott were so indebted to him for playing such a risky role, we used his image as the logo to our distribution company LBM Video as homage. Regarding everyone else who works and acts for us, they are a tight community of film people. We all work together across a number of film companies and directors locally. We make different films, but we are family who help each with each other’s ‘ projects and that’s how it should be. Without them we would have nothing, so thank you everyone.

Michelle – Lastly, where can folks go to see or get their very own copy of WHITE GOODS?

Bazz – WHITE GOODS will be available on BLURAY and on a DVD double disc edition from our own website